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How to wear the down jacket without looking like Bibendum?

We're going green with a vegan leather puffer jacket

If fake furs today have the merit of being cruelty-free, we are also committed to ensuring that all of our down jackets are as green as possible.

We don't hesitate to buckle the short down jacket with a colored belt

The belt - accepted on jeans, jackets, blazers, coats, dresses and puffer jackets - is more fierce, more singular, more rebellious on our winter essentials.

Cool up in a long down jacket with regular quilting

After all, what better than to curl up in an oversized and long down jacket to face the negatives. Note:the longer it gets, the more you perch on boots.

Step back in time with a retro down jacket

What about retro prints in winter? In order not to lose the north and warm up the pace in view of the negatives, we offer ourselves a return to the eighties, whatever the cost.

We stay in check with a puffer jacket with a sixites print

And to think that the check print has been at the top of the pavement for months, it is at the top of the list of our winter desires, without ever getting tired of it.

Go from day to night with a lamé padded jacket

Twisted with jeans or a sequined dress, the lamé down jacket is making a comeback for our greatest pleasure. To adopt without further delay.

Treat yourself to the sun with a sugar-coated pink puffer jacket

"Wax doll, sound doll"... The pink puffer jacket is essential for looking good, warming up your look... And because we love pink, that's all.

We put on (at the last moment) a solar down jacket over a gray suit

Once the checkered suit has been chosen, the white ankle boots put on and the mini-bag grabbed, the oversized yellow down jacket sounds obvious to counter the (too) strict image of the tailor.

We skull in total black look

Because stylish girls are always in black, the dark down jacket is a must in our very cold locker room without warning.

We try the red rose combo

To snub the classic quilting, we try the "hunter's jacket" style down jacket in a colored version.

We love a voluptuous and powdery version

If the acid colors hold the top of the pavement this season, nothing like powdery shades to soften the temperatures. Finally, we hope.

We treat ourselves to a lamé down jacket with the logo (the object of our dreams)

From the all-over logotype to the patterns struck here and there, prints are essential to ward off the gloom of winter.

We opt for the XXL version on all sides

In the XXL version, don't hesitate to add an oversized knit and flared pants. It's cool, trendy, and moreover it keeps you warm.

Treat yourself to a makeover with a pink puffer jacket

Impossible to face incessant rains and icy frosts without a touch of color. Candy pink is therefore a non-negotiable option.

Show off with a vinyl down jacket

Rebellious red to revive the look (and the flame):an essential rule.

We put on a man's shirt under a black down jacket

No question of shelving our skirts-that-turn and other summer reminiscences under the pretext that the negatives are pointing the tip of their noses.

We look straight out of bed with a white duvet jacket

To jump out of bed without looking like it, the unstructured white puffer jacket will do just fine.

We love the army style

The army print, a pattern that we don't suspect of a revival, is making a resounding return to center stage, eclipsing checks, flowers and other retro reminiscences.

We mix the colors to infinity

Red + orange + pink:the new combo that electrifies the cobblestones will not leave us this season. The tricolor is allowed, we promise.

We love a warm minimalist version

Who of the mountain down jacket that has been gathering dust for ages in our winter wardrobe? We draw it, we pamper it and above all we assume it in red.