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How to master metallic makeup?

See the slideshow 16 photos Make way for full metal make-up! Metallic makeup isn't just for the catwalk anymore. Eye shadows, lipsticks and varnishes are adorned with golden, silver or even copper reflections for a tailor-made "metallic" look.

After the nude and the matte, it is the metallic that invites itself on our face and on our hands.

Although it requires meticulous preparation and application, it is perfect for holiday parties or retro parties. It sublimely caresses the most banal make-up:the browns are full of pep, the grays wake up and the dark greens become magnetic. However, be careful not to overdo it:we choose to metallize the mouth, the eyes or the nails and we stay light on the rest:nude mouth or eyes highlighted with a simple line of black liner.

Metallic make-up:we're off to a good start

The pros agree:preparation is key.

For Tom Sapin, make-up artist M.A.C Cosmetics, "it is imperative to start by applying a base that is tapped with your finger on the entire mobile eyelid". For his part, Julien Rol, make-up artist at Make Up For Ever, recommends "to exfoliate the lips and moisturize them as much as possible before applying a lipstic metallic k to prevent fine lines from being marked".

At Alessandro, a nail polish brand, the emphasis is on polishing the nail "with a two-sided file to obtain a smooth surface." Thus the varnish will last longer and will subsequently be removed much more easily.

How to tame metal on the eyes?

Depending on your desires, choose from cream, liquid or powder textures. Creamy eyeshadows, very trendy, allow you to easily modulate the intensity you want to give to your eyes. In liquid format, it can be worn flat or as a line of eyeliner.

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Tom Sapin suggests “applying the shadow to the entire mobile eyelid using a flat brush to homogenize the pigments and make the texture shiny. Then, using a soft brush, blend the color in the hollow of the eye and if necessary, stretching outwards to enlarge the look. To multiply the shimmering effect of the shadow, moisten the brush with a little fixing mist, insisting on the center of the mobile eyelid to capture the light as much as possible and give a liquid metal finish".

What about metallic lip makeup?

All combinations are possible:satin, matte or glossy grapes flow into the steel to dress all or part of the mouth, mainly the center to attract light. The thinner the lips, the more the range of pinks and oranges is favored. We save the burgundy lipstick for the evening.

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Before attacking the application of lipstick, we ensure a flawless complexion. The pose must be meticulous and precise.

Julien Rol gives us two valuable tips for our lipstick to last all day:"Apply a waterproof lip pencil in the same color as the lipstick , then a matte liquid lipstick to hold the material. Metallics are generally very light and will spin if there is no base."

Metallic varnish instructions

All those who want to surf the metal look without taking any risks raise their fingers. Metallic polish is what you need.

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Applied as for a classic manicure in two thin coats with top coat, it can last up to a week (especially if a second coat of top coat is applied the next day). Gold, silver, iridescent... All the shades go well with day or evening outfits.

A little problem during the installation? Nathalie for Alessandro suggests "correcting the excess varnish on the contour of the nail using a solvent corrector marker or dipping a very fine brush in solvent and you're done. For removal, a solvent with acetone is quickest way to remove glitter, but because it is abrasive moisturizing afterward is necessary."

To do:soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on the nail and wait a few seconds for the pigments to disperse, then rub left and right and pull the cotton ball down.

Not to be rubbed directly without giving the solvent time to do its job. Result:we have color all over the fingertip.

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