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How to tame golden makeup?

See the slideshow 17 photos On the eyes, lips or cheekbones, a touch of gold is enough to bring light. A precious detail that always has its small effect at the time of the end of the year celebrations.

No need to wait for the end of year celebrations to wear gold or even copper shades, even if these shades remain popular around Christmas. On the lips, the eyes or the nails, the gold color declines its iridescent or satiny variations.

Golden make-up:a safe bet

If lipsticks in original colors such as blue or green are popular with beauty product enthusiasts, gold also has its fans this season. Worn alone in small touches here and there or associated with more garish colors, the gold color is sufficient on its own or completes a look.

If gold glitter manicures are very popular for evenings, gold makeup can be worn day and night, as can highlighter, which is applied using the strobing method.

Golden makeup:in small touches or in total look?

If you can remain sober by opting for a single touch of golden beauty -on the nails, eyes, mouth or cheekbones-, it is quite possible to dare the total look, by playing on the different shades of gold.

On the eyelids, we affix two golden shadows:the lighter in the inner corner of the eye, and the darker, which turns into copper tones, in the outer corner of the eye. On the lips, we wear a very glossy carmine red, on which we add a light layer of golden gloss, to give more dimension and volume to the mouth. You can also play with materials and textures, for the most beautiful effect:wet effect on the eyelids for a glossy and sophisticated look, and satin or even glittery effect on the lips to illuminate the face.

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