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Vaseline, a basic to integrate without delay into our beauty routine

Vaseline, best known for its lubricating side, is now used by many make-up artists to bring glow to the skin and highlight a make-up. How to get the multiple benefits of this cult product? Manual.

For several years, this petroleum jelly has found its place in the backstage of the biggest fashion shows, and is even one of the basic products that we should all have in our vanity. Very rich in vitamins A and E, vaseline is an unsuspected beauty ally.

How to use Vaseline in a beauty routine?

  • Vaseline to hold your eye shadow

Ideal for keeping eye shadow powder in place over time, it brings a touch of shine to the eyes. A technique that is perfect for a glowy make-up.

  • Vaseline to properly apply your lipstick

To avoid traces of lipstick on the teeth, simply apply a very light layer of petroleum jelly to them beforehand.

  • Moisturize your skin with petroleum jelly

A grandmother's trick to have ultra soft hands or those damaged by winter drought:coat them from time to time with petroleum jelly and put on cotton gloves for at least 15 minutes.

  • Train your eyebrows with petroleum jelly

A beautiful eyebrow with a perfect shape only makes sense if the hairs that compose it hold a minimum in place... Why not give it a little boost with a touch of Vaseline?

  • Make a Vaseline Lip Scrub

Once a week, mix a dab of Vaseline with sugar to gently exfoliate the lips.

  • Vaseline as a moisturizing balm

Without sugar but still on the lips, Vaseline can also replace a balm to moisturize them. You can then superimpose a lipstick on top to perfect the beauty of your mouth.

  • A natural gloss

We replace the traditional gloss with a hint of Vaseline applied to the lips.

  • Easier application of varnish with petroleum jelly

Since nail polish cannot adhere to a greasy surface, petroleum jelly can be used to protect the contours of the nails from possible overflows of varnish.

  • Vaseline to amplify the smell of a perfume
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Put a little Vaseline on the skin, exactly where you put your perfume on. The fragrance will be even more durable.

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