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How to freshen up your makeup?

In the morning, our complexion is radiant and our eyes are beautifully painted. But, rain, stress or heat can quickly ruin all our beauty. Fortunately, thanks to the right products and these few tips, we can refresh our make-up quickly, well done.

Refreshing your make-up does not necessarily mean completely removing make-up and then redoing all your make-up. These are just a few touch-ups to be done with care and which do not take more than five minutes (top time).

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Clear skin before touch-ups

First step:cleanse your face. We start by removing the excess lipstick or gloss with a wipe and we take the opportunity to rehydrate our lips with a balm.

With a tissue, then dab the face to remove excess sebum. This step should not be neglected because during the day, the skin perspires and therefore tends to absorb a whole lot of impurities.

Finally, if our mascara has run, we pass a small cotton swab soaked in water or covered with foundation to eliminate traces.

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How to get an express make-up?

Once the face is free of any traces of make-up, apply a little serum to the face and neck to moisturize the skin.

Then, we apply a touch of concealer to give pep to the look. Using a sponge, dab a compact foundation, focusing on the T-zone to eliminate shine. Otherwise, use a stick foundation, an ideal format for quick touch-ups.

To restore radiance to the face, apply a veil of blush or sun powder on the cheekbones. These can also be used to add a touch of color to the eyelids.

If our mascara has taken off, we apply a light layer, only at the end of the eyelashes. Otherwise, we use an eyelash curler to enlarge the look.

To finish, apply a touch of lipstick or colored moisturizing balm.