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The beauty prescription of Tom Pecheux, make-up artist Yves Saint Laurent

See the slideshow 5 photos From concealer to chalk for smoky eye, Tom Pecheux, international beauty director Yves Saint Laurent, shares his tips and his best make-up products.

The ultra-practical make-up remover

This micellar water for sensitive skin has proven itself. It is as practical as it is economical. Crealine H2 O from Bioderma, €8.5 for 250 ml.

The magic concealer stick

If the ring is light, a fluid texture is enough. If it is marked, prefer a creamy stick that comes in a good choice of shades. The trick:apply it to the inner corner, then in the hollow on each side of the bridge of the nose, going up towards the eyebrow. Nars Concealer Stick, €26.

The inescapable make-up base

Before any makeup, I always prepare the skin with two products. This dry oil, which I massage in an upward motion except on the eyelids, boosts circulation and brings glow. Then this colorless base with a little silicone, which smooths the skin and makes the make-up stick. Precious Black Rose Oil from Sisley, €160 for 25 ml. Top Secrets Instant Radiance Moisturizer by Yves Saint Laurent, €53 for 40 ml.

Brow bleacher at a low price

First, we put Homéoplasmine around the eyebrows then we put the cream on the eyebrows and let it act. Ideal to grant them when we have made blonde locks. Bleaching Cream by Jolen, €9 for 30 ml.

The reference lip balm in pharmacies

When I start a make-up, my first gesture is to apply this cult balm on the lips. Magic also left on a scab or the wings of the nose in case of a cold. Homéoplasmine de Boiron, €4.20 for 40 ml.

Chalks for an easy smoky

I apply the black one alone, flush with the lashes at the top and bottom, or I modulate it with another, white or gold, spread with the tip of my finger on top. An easy smoke! Couture Chalks 4 Ready-to-Wear Chalks by Yves Saint Laurent, €63.

The choice of shade of red

Whatever the texture, effect or brand, it is best to bet on a pinkish nude, pinkish red or orange shade if the skin is pale, nude or more bluish red if the skin is matte.

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The invisible solar fluid

Neither white nor cakey despite its powerful SPF, and perfectly tinted to look good. Tinted Fluid SPF50+ Anthelios XL by La Roche-Posay, €9.99 for 50 ml.

Good-looking microbeads

The small tinted balls of this transparent gel treatment break when spread on the skin. It's imperceptible and you immediately look tanned. Mister Radiant Bronzer by Givenchy, €43.50 for 30 ml.

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Créaline H2O from Bioderma, €8.5 for 250 ml

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Couture Chalks 4 Ready-to-Wear Chalks by Yves Saint Laurent, €63

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