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Perfect nude makeup in 8 steps

See the slideshow 19 photos It gives the illusion of bare skin... whereas it does not really isn't. Our advice, step by step, for successful nude makeup.

Cate Blanchett, Mélanie Thierry, Meghan Markle or Carey Mulligan are followers. But achieving nude makeup is no small feat. There are steps to follow, and you have to choose the right products to achieve this little natural healthy glow effect. Rodgers, makeup artist, explains how to achieve a light and glowy makeup step by step.

  • Prepare the face before makeup

Prepare the face to receive make-up by completely removing make-up with water or a cleansing milk suitable for your skin type. Once cleansed, moisturize the face and apply a decongestant gel for the eyes, in order to relax them and erase puffiness. Finish by moisturizing the lips with a balm.

  • Working the complexion

Mix a dab of complexion enhancer with your foundation or BB cream, then apply it with a makeup brush. The beautifier serves to reflect the light and give radiance to the complexion; the foundation to cover imperfections and unify the skin. Finish with a concealer, to apply in the corner of the eye and under the eye.

  • Give a healthy glow

After unifying the complexion and giving it radiance, we bring a healthy glow and relief to the face.

For this, we combine sun powder with blush. To do this, apply the powder very lightly with a flat brush on the advanced parts of the face (in the places that are most likely to get sunburned in summer):the nose, forehead, chin and upper arms. cheekbones. Then, we bring freshness by applying the blush, always with a flat brush, on the cheekbones, from the eye to the ear.

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Tip for better applying your blush:smile slightly to bring out the volume of the cheekbones. Finally, we use a round brush to melt the material.

And for an even more glowy complexion, we finish with strobing. This make-up technique brings light to the face and discreetly reshapes the features in a few seconds using an illuminator.

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  • Reshape the eyebrow

Make way for eye makeup, starting with the eyebrows. If they are sufficiently drawn, we brush them (quite simply). Otherwise, we work them with a pencil of the same color and a gel to fix the product.

  • Correct the eyelids

Before starting the eye makeup, correct the imperfections of the eyelids (they are sometimes mottled) with an eye base, a kind of cream shadow with a powdery finish which will also fix the shadows that will be applied on it.

  • Making up the mobile eyelid

We apply a light beige, without overloading so that the effect is natural, on the whole of the mobile eyelid. Then, we apply a dark brown pencil at the level of the eyelash. It allows the dark brown make-up that is then applied (the same color as the pencil) to adhere better. Place it in the same place as the dark brown pencil line.

To have a luminous look, put a golden beige eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye, flush with the eyelash. The meeting between the light inside the eye and the dark outside will shape the look and give it intensity.

  • Work on the finish of the look

To perfect everything and give more depth to the look, we cheat by working the fold of the mobile eyelid. For this, we mark it more with a dark beige shadow to give the illusion of a larger hollow and a more interesting eyelid relief. When applying the dark beige shadow, stay only on the crease, do not extend it to the eyebrow, otherwise the depth effect would be canceled.

Finish with a light touch of black mascara, on the base of the eyelashes. We avoid the end of the eyelashes for an even more natural look.

  • Draw a transparent mouth

On the lips, apply a simple balm, or a touch of gloss. If you want to add a little color, a pretty pink or powdery beige lipstick will also do the trick.

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