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How to apply make-up... with your fingers?

Easier, cleaner, faster… Because sometimes all the makeup brushes in the world aren't the same the effectiveness of our ten fingers, we give you some tips for using them like a pro.

Peter Philips, Pat McGrath, Tom Pecheux... All these great make-up artists handle their ten fingers as well as their range of brushes during shoots or backstage at fashion shows.

Here are some tips from the pros to steal from them.

How to apply foundation products to the fingers?

Base, foundation or BB cream, the right way to apply these products to the fingers is to take a dab of product, heat it in your hands and then apply it in touches on the main points of the face:cheeks, forehead, nose, chin.

The rest is simple, you have to gradually pull the material with the flat of your fingers, until it is perfectly spread and finish the application with a gesture of tapping your fingers to completely melt the material into the skin.

On the other hand, as for the complexion illuminator, which brings glow to the face thanks to the strobing technique, you must first take a hazelnut on the back of your hand, which you spread to dose the material, then it must be applied with small discreet touches on the points of the face that catch the light:top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, temples, cupid's bow... The final goal is to apply a little illuminator by tapping lightly on each zone to keep a maximum of fade and naturalness.

How to apply blush with fingers

For the blush, the application to the fingers will depend on its format. The one in powder remains logically more suitable for application with a brush, it will have to be fluid or compact.

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If it is fluid, we will work it in the manner of the foundation, that is to say a small hazelnut of blush to be heated with the flat of the fingers, then an application by touches of the fingertips, on the cheekbones , and very light touches on the rounded areas of the face (forehead temples, chin jaws, nose) to recreate a natural and fresh look.

What about applying eyeshadow and pencils with your fingers?

Whether it is fluid or powder, to apply solid eye shadow, or draw the material of a pencil, you generally use your index finger. On the other hand, when it comes to blending or working two colors like a smoky-eye, we prefer to use the middle finger. With its more rounded and full shape, it allows for more successful and natural fades.

Finally, we will use the little finger as a corrective eraser. Smaller, it allows better precision to erase or correct any burrs.

And the lipstick?

Assuming that we apply our lipstick directly to the grape or its tube or flocked applicator, the finger is only used as a finishing tool. It is generally the middle or ring finger that is used, tapping it on the lips, starting from the center towards the sides, to better distribute and melt the material, and thus create a blur or a bitten mouth effect. .

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