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#MakeUp:how to appropriate ultra violet?

See the slideshow 11 photos This is the color of the year 2020 designated by Pantone:ultra violet ! Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush... How to adopt this shade that stands out in the beauty department? Good advice from Carole Colombani, make-up artist.

It's the color of the year 2020, according to Pantone:ultra violet.

Carole Colombani, make-up artist, gives us her precious advice on how to appropriate this color in the make-up department.

Who can afford purple makeup?

"Anyone can adopt the trend! Light, matte or black skin, purple adapts to all skin tones, but also to all iris colors. Only downside:"No total purple look! It creates a flat feeling on the face, and hardens the features."

What colors to associate it with?

"If you put purple on your eyes, you can combine it with a peach blush or a rusty lip, recommends our expert. You can also mix purple with gold or silver to further illuminate your eyes. Finally, black along the lashes will make it denser.

If you wear purple on your mouth, you associate it with a clear complexion and eyebrows. We bring radiance to the face thanks to the strobing technique. We refine everything with a touch of black mascara, or even a line of black liner, more graphic."

Purple makeup:the right beauty look from morning to night

  • During the day

"We work it on the eyes with a cream blush to create a slightly 70's purple halo. We can then associate it with a coral gloss.

Or we combine it with a natural taupe base, which we sculpt in purple at the level of the lash line and the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Then, we marry it with a lot of black mascara which highlights it.

The complexion should be flawless, fresh, illuminated and blush. Leave the mouth neutral with a peach-coloured tinted balm."

  • For the evening
Video of the day:

"I like to mix a purple shadow with a graphite and stretch it a little more towards the outside of the eye. The stretched shape gives it an 80's air, but the graphite brings back a more rock feeling. I add a kohl black purple (like a fake black) inside the eye to complete. For the mouth, I opt for a warm color instead.

In both cases, the skin must be well prepared, especially that around the eyes. We therefore use a good concealer, so as not to leave any blue/violet undertones that would be reinforced by the use of violet shadow on the eyes. Then make up the eyes.

Be careful, powder shadows tend to fall under the eyes, so we think about sweeping them well with the help of a suitable brush."

* Youtube:Makeup is Freedom by Carole Colombani.


Purple mouth makeup

Matteo Scarpellini / Imaxtree 2/11

Purple eyebrow makeup and eyeliner

Matteo Scarpellini / Imaxtree 3/11

Wet style purple eye makeup

Imaxtree 4/11

Purple glitter eye makeup

Matteo Valle / Imaxtree 5/11

Two-tone purple and pale pink eye makeup

Gregory Scaffidi / Imaxtree 6/11

Violet gradient eye makeup

Carlo Scarpato / Imaxtree 7/11

Dark purple mouth makeup

Luca Cannonieri / Imaxtree 8/11

Purple arty eye makeup

Gregory Scaffidi / Imaxtree 9/11

Purple eye makeup

Gregory Scaffidi / Imaxtree 10/11

Pastel purple eye makeup

Filippo Fortis / Imaxtree 11/11

Two-tone purple and blue eye makeup

Matteo Scarpellini / Imaxtree