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3 easy evening makeup looks

Every evening it's the same ritual:a line of eyeliner, a touch of your rouge favorite lips, and you're ready for the big night. Here are three easy-to-do evening makeup looks to spice up your beauty routine.

A line of graphic liner and a lacquered red mouth

©Chisato fall-winter 2015/2016 show

Put away the basic liner lines! Using an eyeliner or a kohl pencil, according to your preferences, draw a first line of liner, doe eye effect, which you will finish in a generously long point on the outer corner of the eye. /P>

At the level of the lower eyelashes, on a quarter of the eye, draw a light line of liner, or kohl, in the continuity of your tip. Finally, on the eyelid, and parallel to the one that is flush with the eyelashes of the upper part of your eye, draw a last line of liner. This one, also drawn on a quarter of the eyelid, will fade slightly at the end of the line.

On your lips, dare the dapper lipstick! For a lacquered effect, apply a small final touch of moisturizing balm or clear gloss.

On the complexion side, on a perfectly unified base, opt for a veil of peach blush on the top of the cheekbones.

The electric blue smoky gaze

©Elie Saab spring-summer 2015 show

A great classic of evening make-up:the smoky look. But why not pimp it up with a little color? First, color the underside of the eye to the inner corner of the eye and half of the top of the eye, flush with the eyelashes, and from the inner corner of the eye, with your pencil electric blue. Using a fine brush, apply a touch of black or iridescent gray eye shadow, flush with the lower lashes. Do the same on your eyelid, from the outer corner of your eye to your blue pencil line. Finally, finish your make-up with a touch of long-lash effect mascara to bring more dimension to your look.

And who says daring eye makeup, says discreet lip makeup. We opt for a nude, beige-pink lipstick, or for a simple touch of moisturizing balm to bring a little shine to our lips.

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The fuchsia mouth

©Lepore Fall-Winter 2015/2016 show

For an easy and successful evening make-up , it is not always necessary to make tons of them. If the shocking detail of your makeup is your mouth, opt for light eye makeup. A beige or pink shadow with a touch of mascara is more than enough. Ditto for your complexion. On perfectly unified skin, apply a veil of peach or pink blush.

Finally, on your lips, opt for a very trendy fuchsia! Remember, however, to hydrate them well, in order to avoid the rather unsightly cracked color effect.


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