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The power of make-up in 4 steps:from nude to evening make-up

See the slideshow 4 photos Our model is unvarnished in exposing herself to prove that a few precise gestures can create a real metamorphosis. In detail, our three easy-to-perform beautifying makeup techniques.

Very marked gaze to support the gaze, point of lights to illuminate the face or even nude make-up:correctly applied, make-up allows you to play on volumes and highlight certain areas of the face.

Contouring to refine

We choose the areas to darken according to the shape of our face. Apply a brown powder or cream – choose one or two shades darker than your skin tone – under the jawline, on the temples, on the sides of the bridge of the nose and under the cheekbones to redraw the face.

Strobing to illuminate

The strobing technique consists of enhancing the curved areas that reflect the light with pearlescent touches. It is applied to the top of the cheekbones – on a pink blush for the healthy glow effect –, forehead, chin, eyebrow arches and bridge of the nose.

The smoky gaze to intensify

If the line of eyeliner, thin or thick à la Amy Winehouse, is a timeless part of make-up, the smoky or smokey-eye look is also very famous for an evening look of the most beautiful effect. Draw a black line flush with the upper and lower lashes, blend with a brush. Then apply a black shadow over the entire mobile eyelid, stretch the material for a more natural blurred effect, and coat the eyelashes with black mascara.


The bare face to reveal yourself

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Contouring to refine

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Strobe to illuminate

Laurent Humbert / Marie Claire 4/4

The smoky gaze to intensify

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