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My make up session with a makeup fixer

When we spend time putting on make-up, we want a look with a sure hold, to feel beautiful until evening. Thanks to make-up fixers, you no longer need touch-ups and say goodbye to runny kohl. We asked Aliénor, Glossybox beauty expert to reveal all the secrets of fixers. make-up fixer, what is it for?

Alienor: To fix your makeup well, you have two possibilities:the first is to prepare your skin to receive the makeup and give it something to "hang on". The second option is to spray a spray to fix the final makeup! Of course, you can combine the two! The idea is to make our makeup last all day and night if necessary!

What is the difference between a fixing primer and a fixing spray?

We use the fixing bases to prepare our skin. They are usually in the form of a cream or gel. There are also more targeted ones, for the lips or the eyes. For the lips, there are primer sticks or pencils:they smooth the lips and allow better application and enhanced hold of the lipstick. The primers for the eyes are in the form of a cream; they fix and intensify make-up. To check, you have to test on the back of the hand:apply eyeshadow with and without base, you will see which has the most shine. Fixing sprays, on the other hand, are used to give a fresher and more natural look to make-up, while ensuring a perfect hold. Some sprays also have moisturizing properties or protect against UV rays.

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How to choose your make-up fixer?

It is chosen according to your skin type and the desired action. If you have dry skin, you'll prefer a moisturizing spray. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid fixing sprays containing alcohol. As for oily skin, they will prefer smoothing bases that have a mattifying action!

How does a session with a make-up fixer go?

To apply the foundation, take a small hazelnut of product (no need to put too much) and distribute it all over the face like a cream, insisting on the T zone. If you only opt for a fixing spray, you You can spray it on your clean, moisturized skin before applying foundation makeup. It will have the same fixing action as the base. For a flawless natural complexion all day long:spray a little fixing spray in a dab of foundation. This will dilute the foundation a bit and prolong its fixing power!

To intensify your look and allow your eye shadows to last longer, apply your eye primer to clean eyelids:a very small amount is necessary. It is applied like a cream all over the mobile eyelid and flush with the lower lashes if you want to add blush or pencil. For even more intensity in your colors, spray a little fixing spray on the brush before picking up the eye shadow.