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How to apply foundation with a makeup sponge?

Doll's complexion, uniform to perfection, the make-up sponge revolutionizes your beauty moments. It is nevertheless necessary to adopt certain gestures and to be guided by little advice to apply your foundation well with this miracle sponge.


The make-up sponge has become a staple of beauty products. Queen of the accessory bag, it allows you to apply both fluid foundations and compact cream foundations. A great all-rounder! Moreover, a sponge has been all the rage since its release:the Beauty Blender presented as the revolution in the cosmetics department. It is added to a long list of sponges such as those made of latex, some of which advocate their effectiveness. But the real question is:why a sponge rather than a brush or a puff? The gestures and the results will not be the same. And like all beauty aids, the sponge also has its own advantages.


Start by choosing your foundation, fluid or compact cream, both are very suitable. You should know that if you apply the product directly to the sponge, you will lose a lot of it and that is not the goal! You can afford it with the compact cream foundation only.

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Otherwise, take some material from the back of your hand or something that would act as a plate. Thus, you will be able to dose the foundation to be applied as it should be. Take the product with the tip of your sponge in order to have a certain precision during the application and to have a very uniform effect. Then, apply the product to your face, smoothing it out to create a veil. You have to be light on the application and on the dose to avoid the "orange" result that can be seen on some faces with too much or bad makeup. Finally comes the time to work on the areas where imperfections usually appear:nose, chin, forehead. To do this, pat with your sponge to hide the redness.

There you go, most of the work is done! A little tip for latex sponges in particular, you can wet the sponge and wring it out before application. This will allow the sponge not to absorb the foundation.


A sponge in particular has appeared on the cosmetics market and has amazed more than one! What is a revolution? This little marvel allows you to apply all products:fluids, liquids, foundations, blush... This little jewel in the shape of a pink egg is very easy to use. As already explained, just put a little foundation on the back of the hand and pick it up with the round base of the Beauty Blender moistened beforehand. Then pat on your face. The interesting part is in the pointed end of the sponge. To correct dark circles and other imperfections that hide near the nose, the head of this little egg will allow you to reach all the difficult parts. You can then clean your sponge (with a special product from the same range) which will be ready for a new use.