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Make-up:we draw inspiration from make-up artist techniques

Makeup is an art, although we don't often have time to dress ourselves up properly in front of the mirror every morning. However, for a successful make-up, it is not enough to apply a few touches of color to the face, the effect must still be successful! Make-up artists come out of the reserved circles of fashion to reveal their make-up secrets and give us some advice at the same time. So, don't hesitate any longer and take inspiration from their techniques for a successful make-up?!


The make-up artists agree at the moment to make up the models in a more natural way. No ultra conspicuous make-up with very contrasting colors, the trend is for delicate make-up that embellishes the features of the face without hiding them. For a fresh face with clean colors, the application of foundation plays an essential role. Avoid shine and favor a velvety complexion. The trick:mix a light foundation with the foundation you use every day. Then you just have to gently apply this preparation on the face using a make-up sponge. By insisting a little more on the cheekbones, you will bring out all their radiance. The idea is to appear barely made up while having an illuminated face! For a make-up with perfect finishes, consider using a transparent powder. It mattifies the complexion.


No smoky black or bright colors on the eyelids, make-up artists seek the shades closest to the skin. We will then choose an eye shadow in pink tones, a color that is both clear and warm which gives a little more to the look without contrasting it too much. A color like ivory works great too. To accentuate the look, make-up artists add a shade of gray to the eyelid. Once the blush is applied, don't forget to curl your lashes with mascara. You can play with the effects by covering your lashes more or less. For a doe eye effect without mascara, some professionals do not hesitate to use false eyelashes. To perfect your make-up, you can lightly draw your eyebrows with a pencil matching their color.

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Let's not forget the lips, the last touch for a natural and glamorous make-up. The gloss brings out the mouth thanks to its scintillating effect without clashing with the rest of the face. Make-up artists also allow themselves more vivid colors. Red is not to be banned. On the other hand, it must be applied very lightly, the best being to apply a few touches with your fingers. As you will have understood, the trend is for fresh and light colours:pink, mauve, white and sometimes a few sequins to catch the light. This sober make-up is ideal for restoring color to your face while keeping it looking very natural.