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7 beauty tips for those who exercise during their lunch break

Are you one of those brave people who have chosen to trade their lunch break for a workout? These tips should interest you.

Playing sports during your lunch break or before going to work is the guarantee of optimizing your time and above all of being able to enjoy your evenings without asking questions. Certainly, but it is never easy to find work with shaggy hair and red cheeks. Here are some Tips to stay fresh after your workout.

  • Moisturize your skin

After a flash in the shower, moisturize your skin with cream. Brush your body and especially let it dry before getting dressed. There is nothing more unpleasant than feeling your jeans stick with cream.

  • Beware of mascara residue

For those who haven't really taken the time to remove their make-up before their workout, beware of mascara residue that quickly makes you look tired.

  • To put an end to redness, try a quick peeling

Do you have no desire to arrive ruddy in a meeting? There are “quick” peels that can soothe your skin. For optimum effectiveness, complete your treatment with a serum and a face cream. Finally, a little powder to mattify everything and you're ready to get back to work.

  • To avoid the "shower exit" look, take a (shower) cap

The slightest drop of water transforms your haircut into an afro? Remember to take a shower cap in your gym bag! And for the days when you forget it, a plastic bag will do just fine.

  • Wash your bangs

If after your session your hair is not completely clean, it does not matter. On the other hand, your fringe must be IMPECABLE! So if in doubt, wash it. With dry shampoo or by gently removing it from your shower cap.

  • Swap your good-looking powder for a cream (or stick)
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Nothing comes close to your Terracotta? Except that after physical activity, it is impossible to spread your bronzing powder properly without risking sioux marks on the face. To put your makeup back on after sport, choose a stick or a cream.

  • Make up your eyes!

Are your cheeks red? Avoid overloading your lips and focus on your eyes! A worked look will make your colleagues forget that you were sweating the previous hour.