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The 11 beauty secrets of stars who lived through Hollywood's Golden Age

See the slideshow 10 photos From the golden age of Hollywood, actresses competed in ingenuity to sublimate their beauty… tricks and techniques that are sometimes very advanced, some of which have survived the years and remain full of lessons. A brief overview of Hollywood's old beauty secrets!

Secret #1
Follower of the slow trend before the hour? Ingrid Bergman favored natural beauty with the minimum makeup required for these films. It is also said that she plucked the first line of hair from her forehead to make it bigger…


Sophia Loren


Secret #2

Italian beauty Sophia Loren religiously followed a Mediterranean diet based on olive oil. She kept her skin soft and luminous by adding a few drops to her hot bath as well…


Marilyn Monroe


Secret #3

To magnify her lips, Marilyn Monroe asked her make-up artist to apply 5 different shades of lipstick, without forgetting the essential layer of gloss to plump up the lips. With the outer corners of the lips, she applied a darker red, and lighter in the middle.


Grace Kelly


Secret #4

Contrary to what one might think, it was not Kim Kardashian who discovered the contouring technique, but Grace Kelly. The Princess of Monaco wielded the art of contouring with her blush to enhance her cheekbones, with several shades of color for the underside and the top of the cheekbones.


Rita Hayworth


Secret #5

The red and flamboyant mane of Rita Hayworth largely contributed to the reputation of the actress, who maintained it with care:after each wash, she applied oil to her hair which she wrapped in a towel for at least 15 minutes. . After which she washed her hair with hot water and lemon juice to remove all traces of residue…

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Elizabeth Taylor


Secret #6

If Elizabeth Taylor embodied better than any other Cleopatra, they share a very particular beauty technique in common:they used to shave their faces. In addition to ridding their skin of down, the shave acted as a peeling at the time!


Audrey Hepburn


Secret #7

The secret to Audrey Hepburn's doe eyes lay in the clean, curled parting of her lashes. When applying the mascara, she used a pin to individually separate each eyelash.


Vivien Leigh


Secret #8

To create an illusion and give the camera plump lips, Vivien Leigh used to enlarge the bottom lip by redrawing its contours outward.


Bette Davis


Secret #9

The iconic Hollywood actress of the Golden Age of American cinema, as famous for her character as for the size of her eyes, applied cucumber slices to her eyelids all night long to make them shine and Vaseline to under eyes to erase dark circles.


Gloria Swanson


Secret #10

"My beauty secret is nothing but raw vegetables" declared Gloria Swanson who, in addition to eating them regularly, used to apply them to her face!


Greta Garbo


Secret #11

To strengthen her gaze and highlight her eyes, Garbo put a thin layer of Vaseline on her eyelids, under a very dark eye shadow. She also highlighted her eyes with a mixture of the charcoal and jelly pigment.