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How to make up white skin?

Making the right makeup choices when you have very fair skin can be difficult. The porcelain complexion, which perfectly enhances the eyes and hair color, is however a charming asset that should not be overlooked. Here are the keys and tips to best make up your pretty diaphanous skin!

Contouring tips for very fair skin

Often prone to redness and blemishes, very pale skin requires a flawless makeup base. To get the most out of your pale complexion, certain parts of the face should be illuminated and others darkened. To start, apply a hydrating make-up base to the entire face, then carefully mask dark circles and small visible veins using a concealer pencil. To enhance fair-skinned faces, the focus should be on the cheekbones, jawline and nose, so bring a foundation or light-colored powder and another duller. To emphasize the jaws, prefer the dark shade, to be placed along the line of your jaw.

The chin, the eyebrow arches and the forehead must be dressed in the light shade, a half-tone below the color of your complexion. To play on the lights, apply an orange or pale pink outline around your nose, and highlight the bridge with a matte color. To finish, choose a blush with pale and discreet shades, which you will stretch to the temples. These contouring tips will allow you to play with shadows and lights to perfectly highlight your pale complexion and sublimate your complexion.

The right colors to make up the eyes and lips

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Light skins have no equal to sublimate the look and the color of the hair. A real asset, your complexion, however, requires you to bet on discreet makeup and avoid colors that are too flashy and bet on the nude trend. The best trick is still to refer to the color of your eyes and that of your hair to choose the ideal tone of your makeup. To make up your eyes and obtain a fresh, rosy complexion, generally prefer mother-of-pearl and pastel shades, which will highlight the delicacy of your skin and discreetly highlight your look. If you have red hair, pale green shades are an excellent ally and will bring that flamboyant side that suits you so well.

Are you brunette with fair skin? Preferably turn to warm tones, such as red, brown, amber or plum, which will reduce the contrast between your skin and your hair, but will highlight your features. For blondes with a porcelain complexion, nothing beats cool colors, such as light pink, gray or mauve, which bring real luminosity. When it comes to makeup for your mouth, very red or too dark tones are not recommended since they tend to harden the features and contrast sharply with your natural skin color. The best are still glosses and lip glosses in discreet colors such as pale pink.