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A blue and silver evening make-up!

For the holiday season, we take inspiration from the colorful smoky-eyes trend by choosing a Intense blue eye makeup, overlaid with small silvery touches.

Deciphering the smoky eye by Miky, make-up artist Lancôme

To achieve this festive make-up, pencil generously along the lower and upper lashes with a midnight blue kohl. With a soft brush, we take a little eye shadow of the same tone, we tap the excess on the hand, then we go back over the pencil, also starting at the level of the eyelashes but degrading on the entire mobile eyelid . Same work underneath, but staying much closer to the lash line.

Blue smoky-eye from the Elie Saab Spring Summer 2015 show

In case of overflow, just correct with a cotton swab soaked in a drop of foundation. Then, we sweep with a clean brush a little silver eye shadow on the crease of the mobile eyelid, blurring up to the eyebrows, and we deposit a sticker of this same silver, with the fingertips, at the inner corner of the eyelid. 'eye. A line of kohl inside the eye, a little midnight blue mascara, a touch of light peach blush on the cheekbones, to give life to these cold tones, and you are ready!

What we like: Midnight blue played in monochrome, right to the end of the eyelashes, combined with silver, a particularly flattering metal for a light complexion.

Blue smoky-eye from the Elie Saab Spring Summer 2015 show