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What make-up to wear with khaki?

Army inspiration this fall with the color khaki. Omnipresent in our dressing rooms, how to highlight it with suitable make-up? Glowing and tanned complexion, colored lips, gives you her make up tips to go with khaki.

Back in our wardrobes this winter, military-inspired khaki is the key color of the season. What make up to wear to wake up your khaki look? Whether plain or with camouflage prints, your outfit deserves a perfect, slightly tanned complexion and warm colors to give it some pep.

For the complexion, erase its small imperfections with a blur foundation that will blur your flaws. To give yourself a slightly tanned complexion, arm yourself with sun powder, which you put on your cheekbones and chin. For a natural complexion, you can leave a little shine on the T-zone. Make up is casual.

On the eyes, we play sobriety but we make up! We choose warm shades to go with the khaki, browns, fawns, mauves. To make the color last longer, you can put a base on the eyelids, or, failing that, a little petroleum jelly with your fingertip. With a brush or finger, we then apply our eyeshadow all over the mobile eyelid, going up slightly under the eyebrow arch. We slightly overflow in smoky under the eye and we stretch towards the temples. If you want to emphasize eye makeup, a line of pencil slightly darker than the shade of eyeshadow chosen is ideal, applied at the top of the eyelashes. On the mascara side, we don't load too much and we stay in brown shades if possible. Do not forget to discipline your eyebrows and make them up slightly.

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On the lips, choose a pink or apricot lipstick. We prefer it in lacquered textures, to bring shine to makeup and avoid the dullness that a matte lipstick associated with khaki could bring. We glamorize the army look, slightly masculine, by betting everything on lacquered and shiny lips. We nevertheless remain in light and tangy shades, pink but not red, apricot but not bright orange. Material side:shiny lacquer; color side:tangy sobriety.