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What make up to wear with the arty trend?

Art invites itself into our dressing rooms with a strong trend for sunny days:brush strokes, abstract patterns or graffiti. How to match your makeup to your arty look? gives you advice for a successful arty make up!

For sunny days, wear a colorful look with the arty trend . Brushstrokes, solid colors, graffiti, art invites itself onto our clothes. How to wear makeup to stick to the arty trend without overdoing it? Two watchwords:color and sobriety.

As usual, we focus on a flawless complexion, with a blur foundation or a nude complexion. Highlight the cheekbones with an apricot blush that will bring light to the face. However, we keep a light hand because it is on the eyes that the arty line of this make up is concentrated.

For the eyes, first apply a gray or brown shadow over the entire mobile eyelid for sobriety. With a line of liner fluorescent – ​​matched to clothes – we come to highlight the look. Apply the line from the middle of the eyelid, stretching slightly towards the temple. You can also choose a neon eyeshadow applied with a fine brush along the lashes. At the inner corner of the eye, we do not forget the touch of white or light gray shadow to illuminate and open the look. Coat the eyelashes with mascara brown to stay natural and make up your eyebrows . To do this, brush upwards and choose a pencil of the same color as your eyebrows:you can be blonde with brown eyebrows and make it his main asset!

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To finish this arty make-up, put a lipstick on the lips. matte in pink or apricot tones. We avoid drawing attention to the mouth with a red that is too bright or a gloss that is too shiny. What should catch the eye on this makeup canvas is the eyelids!