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“Bird of paradise” inspired summer makeup

See the slideshow 13 photos Heavenly look with the color block trend and tropical-inspired Make Up from the catwalks… Eye shadows, mascaras, blush and gloss in flashy, harmonious colors that invite you to escape! 1/13

Tropical make-up by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher

This year, make-up artists were inspired by the tropical atmosphere for their summer make-up collections. Rare flowers and bird of paradise feathers lent their vibrant colors but also their light textures so as not to smother the skin.

Eye Makeup peacock feather style on the Chanel fashion show , yellow, turquoise blue or pink colored mascara at Kenzo, Chanel or Donna Karan or even sunset-style eyeshadow gradients on the Peter Som show:discover our selection of the most beautiful bird of paradise-inspired make-up on the shows!


The right products for my “Bird of Paradise” makeup


Mascara Inimitable waterproof Zest by Chanel, €30

A sparkling yellow mascara to apply just on the tip of the eyelashes to open the eyes.

Blue Lagoon palette by Dior, €55

Dior was inspired by the changing reflections of peacock feathers to design the summer 2013 version of their famous 5-color palette for “summer chic” makeup.

Gloss Caprice, Fascinante and Paradise by Dior Addict, €30 each

Filled with micro-pearls, these glosses capture the light without a "wet lips" effect, for transparent but ultra-luminous lip makeup

“Hollywood in my swimming pool” varnish by Lollipops, 12.50€

With its elongated brush, easy to apply this nail polish whose color is reminiscent of the feathers of a parrot! Paraben-free, preservative-free and phenoxyethanol-free, they do not damage the nails and are even suitable for sensitive skin!

Green Neon and Pink Neon Nail Polish from Arcancil, €6.90 each

No need for a white base to achieve a neon effect with these nail polishes:a single coat is enough for a vibrant and electric color.

Revlon Flushed and Coral Reef cream blush, €11.90 each

The creamy texture of these blushes melts into the skin before turning into powder for light makeup. Coral for fair skin, bright pink for dark skin, the colors are adjustable for a more or less discreet result

Bronze Godess Palette by Estée Lauder, €48

With its five eyeshadows in trendy colors and its mirror, this palette is our best ally for tropical makeup. The little extra:the brown shadow turns into an eyeliner thanks to the fine brush, and the coral and gold shadows can also be applied as a blush to highlight the tan!

Green Lagoon Mascara by Bourjois, €8.05

A smart mascara that slips into all bags thanks to its mini size, while ensuring maximum volume on the eyelashes. Its Caribbean-style turquoise color is perfect for highlighting all eye colors.

Neon Pink, Neon Orange and Gold Blushes by Black Up, €23

With their totally flashy colors, Black Up blushes bring a luminous touch to makeup. To work in transparency to avoid the too much effect!

Retropical Eye Trio by Yves Rocher, €8.50

A shades of eye shadows gathered in a box that announces the color:summer will be tropical or it won't be!


Chanel's "Butterfly summer" make-up

Chanem 4/13

Neon pink lashes from the Donna Karan show

Imaxtree 5/13

The "peacock feather" eyes from the Dior show

Imaxtree 6/13

The "peacock feather" eyes from the Dior show

Imaxtree 7/13

The "peacock feather" eyes from the Dior show

Imaxtree 8/13

The blue eye shadow from the Lepore fashion show

Imaxtree 9/13

The yellow eyeliner from the Kenzo show

Imaxtree 10/13

The blue eye shadow from the Lhuillier show

Imaxtree 11/13

The "sunset" eye shadow from the Peter Som show

Imaxtree 12/13

The "sunset" eye shadow from the Peter Som show

Imaxtree 13/13

Turquoise blue mascara from the Moncler show