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Five years younger with my radiance make-up

Patrick Lorentz, senior makeup artist at Estée Lauder, gives us his makeup tips to look better young thanks to a radiant make-up.

The magic fillers “To blur wrinkles by optical illusion while stimulating collagen and elastin fibres, we use “fillers”. The filling effect is immediate. »

Our selection

Perfectionist [Cp+R] Estée Lauder Wrinkle Filler, €61.

Wrinkle Filler And Intense Hydration From Physicians Formula, 34€, At Parashop.

5 Seconds Optical Straightener From Garnier, €11.20

Lighten the complexion “In your forties, we think that forcing on foundation is a cure for wrinkles. This is false, especially with thick textures that weigh down the features, because it is not used to hide age but imperfections. It is placed locally, on the wings of the nose or the cheekbones, but especially not in the furrows. And when we are very marked, we apply a bb cream on the whole face for a semblance of ultra-natural coverage. »

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Daywear Bb by Estée Lauder, €37.

Bb Cream Idealia By Vichy, €21.45.

Bb Cream Nutri Lift Gold From L'Oréal Paris, 16€.

Orlane Absolu Anti-Fatigue Bb Cream, €49.

Bb Cream All-In-One Top Secrets by Yves Saint Laurent, €45.

Avoid clumps on eyelashes “What hardens is not black mascara but overly thick formulas that stick them. It's getting old and dusty. We opt for a volume and care mascara packed with fortifying active ingredients, or for a densifying "primer" morning and evening. »

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Mascara So Intense By Sisley,41€.

Innoxa Stimul'cils mascara, €15.80.

Smoky concealer “no to liquid eyeliner, which warps with the eyelid and hardens the look. We prefer a liner pencil or a long-lasting cream eyeliner, which are placed without moving. »

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Color Riche Le Smoky From L’Oréal Paris, €11.08.

Urban Decay Glideon 24/7 Eye Pencil, €16, at Sephora.

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Plump up your lips “With age, lips become thinner. The real protocol to make them plump is to use the contour pencil, rouge and gloss trio. The trick is to proceed in reverse:you put your gloss in the center of the lips in a thin veil, to catch the light, then you apply your lipstick without approaching the corners, and finally you trace the outline in pencil. »

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Chanel Rosewood Lip Pencil, €21.50.

Dior Addict Gloss From Dior, 30th.

Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Balm From Clinique, €19.

The right shade “it's a no-brainer to match your lipstick to your hair color. The lighter they are, the more the mouth will be adorned with peach, nude, coral, rosewood or poppy tones. The darker they are, the more you can afford a coppery red or brown. True red suits all. »

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In Love Sugar Rose Balm From Lancôme, €26.20.

Rouge Allure Velvet La Favorite De Chanel, €31.50.

Grand Rouge Rouge Gourmand from Yves Rocher, €10.90.

A matte sun-kissed earth “Three quarters of them are iridescent, they catch the light and bring out flaws. This is why it is chosen matte, one or two tones above its complexion. »

Our selection

Compact Powder Radiance Mate Bronze 01 by Laura Mercier, €38.

Terracotta 4 Seasons 00 Nude From Guerlain, €61.

Les Beiges No. 40 By Chanel, €48.