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Gold to illuminate my smoky makeup for the holidays

To shine during the holidays, we revisit the smokey look with touches of golden eye shadow to illuminate the look.

If you hesitate between two make-up then why not mix them. So here is a tutorial to make your eyelids shine while keeping a smoky look.

Tutorial for golden smoky eyes

For this festive make-up, create your smoky look with a black pencil, all around the eye, except at the inner corner, then with an eye shadow chosen in the same tone, placed over it with a brush. We "clean" the result, if necessary, with a cotton swab soaked in a drop of foundation.

Then, we take a little gold eye shadow on a moistened eyeliner brush, before applying it in a line just above the black, like a tiara of light that crowns the lashes.

Golden smoky-eye from the Elie Saab show

We insist more generously on the inner corner, with a touch of dazzling shine. Finish with several coats of black mascara. On the blush side, we prefer a peach tone if you have fair skin or a pink to refresh a matte complexion, easily pulling on the olive at this time of year.

What we like: Choose the most flattering gold depending on the desired effect:pure when you want a flashy result, bronze for a more subtle highlight, copper with brown reflections to highlight a clear iris.

Golden smoky-eye from the Luisa Beccaria show

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