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Itchy skin:how to react?

It's the same thing every year. With the winter season, tight skin is making a comeback. It pulls, it tingles, it itches… But by the way, why? And above all, is it irremediable? Our experts are unanimous:no! Updating your skincare routine, in &out tips, cuddly products:we tell you everything to overcome the terrible tight skin.

What does itchy skin do exactly?

Having tight skin , it's having the impression that your epidermis is cracking with each movement of your face. The slightest smile, and your face seems to turn into parchment . As unpleasant as it is, this feeling of tight skin is very common in autumn and winter.

And since happiness never comes alone, the tightness of the skin is generally accompanied by other skin discomfort and aesthetic discomfort. These inconveniences can be transient… or permanent. In the latter case, ask yourself if you do not have sensitive or allergic skin :

  • Itchy skin (irritation) and unpleasant tingling.
  • Redness on the face, especially on the cheeks.
  • A harsh or rough feel.
  • In advanced cases, desquamation.

Why do my skin feel tight?

There are many factors that cause skin to feel tight and itchy. Overall, they can be summed up in a single problem:a deficient skin barrier function.

Dehydration… or dryness?

Skin tightness is common in women who suffer from dry skin and dehydration . And this, quite simply because these two states are linked. Dehydrated skin lacks water, while dry skin lacks fat. Consequence:the balance of the hydrolipidic film (water + lipids) is broken and the skin fails to protect itself.

The only difference is that dry skin feels tight . dehydrated skin , it only becomes uncomfortable in cycles . We let you imagine what dry AND dehydrated skin can do in terms of comfort. Because yes, it is possible to combine the two! Fortunately, in case of skin that feels tight and tingling, dehydration is only a tendency that is easily corrected .

Factors favoring tightness

  • Skin ageing :over time, the skin produces less and less lipids.
  • The weather conditions :wind, snow, cold and dry air accelerate skin dehydration.
  • Hormonal variations :adolescence, pregnancy and menopause expose you to visible upheavals on your skin.

Tight facial skin:what to do to gain comfort?

Cosmetics, diet, routine:everything is good for relieving tightness of the skin without forcing yourself too much!

Change cleanser

Are you a fan of micellar water, soap or foaming gel? Put them back in the closet. They contain too many surfactants which, used daily, alter your hydrolipidic film . In cold and dry weather, your skin is already struggling to protect itself. There is no point in complicating its task by depriving it of some of its surface lipids.

Skin that feels tight or not, turn instead to a make-up remover oil . It has the advantage of "mimicking" the lipophilic mixture (mainly sebum) which covers the surface of the skin. In fact, it removes impurities without stripping. A winter essential !

Clothes or care:multiply the layers!

Jeans over leggings, itself over tights, you know? The good news is that it also works in cosmetics! It's even called layering. To prevent the phenomenon of tight skin, superimpose the layers of care morning and evening .

  • After cleaning, spray with a mist enriched with humectants (such as hyaluronic acid or urea).
  • Immediately follow with a hydrating serum , to be applied on damp skin. Our Beauty Restoring Gel intensely quenches your skin thanks to its glycerin and aloe vera content. Its imperceptible featherweight finish makes it the perfect ally for layering!
  • Spread a dab of moisturizing cream . Swap your summer emulsion for a richer version which will maximize your comfort. Choose formulas with antioxidant properties to prevent accelerated aging.
  • For reactive or very dry skin, finish with a protective balm or oil before each outing. Their fatty acids will form an occlusive barrier on the surface of your epidermis.

Adopt anti-dehydration actions on a daily basis

To prevent or relieve tight skin, gradually change your lifestyle routine as soon as autumn arrives . A few simple steps can make all the difference to your skin comfort.

  • On the menu, multiply the right fats :oily fish, cold-pressed virgin oils or nuts. All of them will help your skin strengthen its defenses against extreme cold.
  • Continue to drink at least 2 L of water a day . Remember that your skin's hydration comes from within! Your cosmetic products are only there to slow down its natural evaporation.
  • Turn the heat down . The dry and overheated air of our interiors at the end of the year is undoubtedly the number one enemy of tight and itchy skin. Ideally, use a humidifier to maintain sufficient humidity.