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Wrinkles under the eyes:4 tips to get rid of them

As the poet Georges Rodenbach said, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Indeed, the eyes are a strategic area of ​​the face:they express our emotions, can turn into assets of seduction, but also... A good indicator of age! The skin around the eye is very thin and fragile, so it marks very easily, over our emotions, exposure to the sun or pollution. So how to prevent wrinkles under the eyes ? How to rejuvenate the eye contour? Veld's gives you its tips.

Treat your eyes gently

As we said, the eyes and the skin around them are very fragile. And yet, we make them see all the colors:we rub our eyes, we put on make-up, we more or less remove make-up, we forget to moisturize... And presto, we have the pretty wrinkles under the eyes …unless we learn to treat our eyes gently. Avoid rubbing them, at the risk of attacking the skin. If you wear glasses, avoid taking them off and putting them back on all the time:if your eyes strain, this creates micro-contractions that will promote the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.

As for make-up, choose quality products, respectful of sensitive skin of the eye contour. When applying make-up, use gentle gestures that don't rub the skin and don't displace the material. To remove your make-up, even topo, gently pass the cotton or wipe over your eyes. If all the makeup doesn't come off, leave the cotton on a few seconds on the eye before drying again. Still not going away? Your make-up must be stubborn, and in this case, the use of a make-up remover oil or a two-phase make-up remover should get rid of mascara residue.

Use a treatment to treat wrinkles under the eyes

Pampering your eyes gently on a daily basis will prevent wrinkles under the eyes , or to prevent them from becoming more pronounced. But what do we do with the wrinkles already installed? There are several wrinkles that can appear on the eye contour:the famous crow's feet wrinkles that appear at the corner of the eye; wrinkles on the top of the eye related to a drooping of the upper eyelid or a hollowing around the eyeball; wrinkles under the eyes that are added to dark circles and puffiness.

To get rid of the wrinkles that dull your look, you need a treatment that moisturizes the area, while treating wrinkles with targeted anti-aging active ingredients. Please note that a traditional moisturizer is not suitable for the eye contour. They contain fatty substances that can migrate into the eye, but also certain agents or fragrances that can attack the ocular mucosa. To treat wrinkles around the eyes, use an eye contour treatment like our anti-wrinkle Eye Magic. Its formula combines the benefits of dill – ideal for tightening the skin and restoring its suppleness – and the benefits of Vernonia Appendiculata, known to fill in wrinkles. An ideal formula to erase wrinkles under the eyes, crow's feet wrinkles , and those that settle in the upper eyelid.

Massage, massage, and massage again!

When it comes to beauty, we often talk about creams, serums, treatments, and we forget to talk about gestures. However, good application gestures can completely change the game on the results obtained. The eye contour treatment must be applied in such a way as to relieve tension, boost circulation, without rubbing the skin and without displacing the material.

Thus, apply your Eye Magic treatment by drawing an infinity sign around the eyes, or if you prefer, a horizontal 8. This gesture draws a kind of mask, and allows you to spread your care evenly over the entire eye contour. Above all, this application in 8 allows to massage the skin :an ideal gesture to decongest the eyes, eliminate small tensions at the origin of wrinkles, while boosting blood and lymphatic circulation. In addition, thanks to the massaging brush of our Eye Magic treatments, you operate a very gentle massage, for greater efficiency, and for a real moment of relaxation (and that's important too).

Eliminate dark circles that accentuate wrinkles under the eyes

Wrinkles under the eyes have this nasty particularity of being underlined by dark circles. When we go out of our way to hide them, we end up with two pretty dark crescent moons that come to attract attention under the eyes. So to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes , we also tackle dark circles:put your eye contour treatment in the refrigerator so that it is very cool when applied, and so that it decongests the lymph and blood at the origin of dark circles.

Moisturizing the eye area and massaging into the skin every day will help you in this tough fight against dark circles. For days of great fatigue, complete this beauty routine by applying a concealer to conceal stubborn dark circles. Veld's tip:choose a fluid concealer to prevent the material from getting into wrinkles and accentuating them.