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Tanning well this summer:the secrets of an even and long-lasting tan

The sunny days are here and the long summer evenings on the terrace or on the beach await you. You can't wait to bring out your favorite dresses. Only downside, your legs are so white that you don't dare to wear them. Here are Veld's tips for a quick and perfectly even tan, and above all:that lasts, that lasts, that lasts...

Tanning, instructions for use

To tan quickly and safely, it is essential to understand the “mechanism” behind tanning. Bronze skin to protect against the sun's rays , which she perceives as aggression. It will thicken and take on a golden hue to fight against ultraviolet rays thanks to two types of cells:melanocytes and keratinocytes.

Located at the level of the superficial layer of the epidermis, the keratinocytes multiply so that the skin is less permeable to the sun, thus making it thicker. The melanocytes will produce melanin, a pigment that absorbs the sun's rays . It is thanks to melanin that the skin gradually changes color to obtain that much sought-after golden hue.

Thus, all skin types are not equal when it comes to tanning! Some will produce more melanin than others and will be better protected, especially matte and dark skin that will tan more quickly. These skins will still need to be protected to prevent premature aging .

Preparing your skin for a great tan

Well-prepared skin tans more quickly and benefits from a more even tan. Before summer and the first sunny days, your skin needs special care:it will thank you with a long-lasting tan, which will last until winter.

Before exposure, the skin must be well cleansed and rid of toxins accumulated over the winter. Scrubs and exfoliating treatments will be your best allies. The scrub removes dead cells that slow down tanning. The exfoliating treatment deeply cleanses the skin so it can breathe. One to two exfoliating scrubs per week at the end of spring will be perfect. Be careful not to overdo it, so as not to dry out or damage the epidermis!

Of course, on a daily basis, hydrate your skin well to strengthen the hydrolipidic film , so that your skin is more resistant to UVA:this prevents sunburn, but also premature skin ageing. After this little exfoliating and moisturizing treatment, your skin will be firmer and finally ready to face the sun!

In addition to this special “long-lasting tan” care routine, bet on a good-looking diet rich in beta-carotenes :your complexion will be naturally brighter. Carrots, mangoes, apricots, tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries... Don't deprive yourself! In addition to preparing the skin well for tanning, beta-carotene is rich in antioxidants and allows mature skin to fight against the signs of aging. Finally, to discover all the ways to prepare your skin for the sun, do not hesitate to read our guide.

Our tips for a good tan

Your skin is now ready to gild under the rays of the sun. To tan quickly and evenly, here are some tips:

  • Expose yourself gradually, a few hours here and there, before doing a whole day of sunbathing
  • Do a carrot juice cleanse all summer long
  • Swim to tan faster, especially at sea
  • After the first exposures, leave the sunscreen for sun care with lower indices such as the Flash Protect tinted cream which combines a healthy glow effect with an anti-UV barrier
  • Apply moisturizer before and after each exposure
  • Do not change your swimsuit model too often to avoid demarcations
  • Hydrate your skin from within by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day

Of course, for safety reasons, avoid exposing yourself to the hottest hours, and without protection . Prefer swimming in the morning or from 4 p.m., and always bring the magic combo:sunglasses, hat, sunscreen!

How to get a long-lasting tan?

For a long-lasting tan that will stay with you all winter long, don't leave your skin alone. Mature skin has specific needs and it must be taken care of, especially in the face of the sun which accelerates skin ageing.

One of the first reflexes to take is hydration. Even when you return from vacation, you must continue to moisturize your skin so that it retains its elasticity . Our Age 2 range O allows your skin to be deeply hydrated so that it regains all its suppleness and firmness. With this range, your complexion is regenerated and luminous:lasting tan guaranteed!

Certain treatments will also help you maintain your tanned complexion all year round. For an intense repairing effect, our Pure Pulp Neo treatment deeply plumps your skin. Ideal after sun exposure, it applies like a serum and leaves your skin hydrated and lifted.

If you are looking for a healthy glow effect, we have designed the Pure Pulp Glow treatment. which reactivates the radiance of your skin by capturing the light. Both a care product and a make-up product, this gel highlights your pretty tanned complexion!

As soon as you no longer expose yourself, you can continue the scrubs . Dead cells will be removed without damaging those below that are stained by the sun. Your skin will be smoother and clearer :it will reflect the light much better. Light make-up will also highlight your tanned complexion.

With all these tips, you'll keep your tan longer, and your complexion will still be just as radiant even when you return to the office!