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How to make up mature skin?

A pretty make-up is ideal to sublimate your face and highlight your features, while hiding the signs of aging. But you still have to have the right gestures:in fact, mature skin allows no mistakes and with unsuitable makeup, you quickly look 5 years older! To enhance your features and highlight your assets, find out how to apply makeup to mature skin.

Mature skin makeup:a good base above all!

Before starting your makeup for mature skin, you should take care of your base, that is to say, your skin! Indeed, for makeup with good hold and which has the expected rejuvenating effect, taking care of your skin is essential.

Before applying makeup, cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser, then apply moisturizer. A plumping face treatment like our Pure Pulp Neo beauty restoring treatment , or a healthy glow treatment like our Pure Pulp Glow treatment are perfect for restoring freshness and tone to the skin. Apply your treatment in small circles then lightly pat the skin to activate circulation, in order to smooth wrinkles and revive the complexion.

Finalize your skincare routine by applying your eye contour and lip contour , in order to hydrate these sensitive areas and smooth expression lines. Our treatments from the Eye Magic range are perfect for taking care of the eye contour, with a targeted moisturizing and smoothing action.

There you go, your skin is clean, fresh, and plumped , ready to receive the make-up!

A light and transparent complexion

To apply make-up to mature skin and obtain a nice fresh complexion, the watchword is:lightness ! Prefer fluid and light materials and do not put too much material. So, choose a liquid foundation rather than a powder foundation . A foundation that is too thick or powdery will lodge in the wrinkles and make them stand out, in addition to the "plastered" effect which is never very elegant.

Do you have redness or pigment spots? There are light foundations that are still very covering. If necessary, you can apply a concealer before foundation, or perfect the complexion with concealer afterwards.

Concealer, let's talk about it! Never apply it without having put on an eye contour treatment, to prevent it from getting lodged in expression lines and drawing attention to them. Fluid and also light, apply your concealer with a small brush or by tapping with your fingertips . Start from the inner corner of the eye working outward. Again, have a light hand on the material.

For a healthy glow effect, you can apply a touch of blush on the cheekbones, opting for a natural shade. To bring light to the face, add a touch of highlighter to the top of the cheekbones , but it must be very light!

Of course, whether it's foundation , concealer , or blush , these products must perfectly match your skin tone , otherwise watch out for a gray or orange complexion! Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist store, as finding the right shade can sometimes be more difficult than it seems.

A luminous and dynamic gaze

To make up your eyes, the ideal is to use a cream-textured eyeshadow . In powder, the shadow will tend to move, and to lodge in the fine lines around the eyes. In cream, it will stay in place, and will even smooth the texture of the eyelid.

In terms of shades, avoid too dark or too bright, which will harden and age the look. Prefer natural and light shades , even pearlescent:a pretty bronze, a brown with bronze reflections, a nude pink, or a slightly iridescent taupe for example.

If you find that your look lacks intensity, you can apply a brown, gold, or gray pencil, flush with the upper lashes. Be careful, the dark pencil inside the eye is to be banned:it hardens the look and ages it considerably.

Apply mascara to open your eyes and enhance your lashes . You can choose a brown for a more natural effect, or opt for the traditional black mascara. If you are particularly prone to dark circles or bags under the eyes, apply mascara only to the upper lashes, so as not to draw the eye below the eyes.

Finally, a nice makeup for mature skin is nothing without beautiful eyebrows. Take care of them, and do not hesitate to call on a professional to remove them. When you put on make-up, reshape your eyebrows using an eyebrow mascara, a pencil or an eyebrow shadow, in order to properly structure your look . If you color your hair, choose eyebrow makeup in the same shade as your roots, for a natural effect. Be careful not to choose a shade that is too dark, which can give your eyes a severe appearance.

Plumped and colored lips

Beautiful, hydrated and luscious lips contribute greatly to bringing freshness and sensuality to your beauty routine. To nourish the lips and plump them up, you can use our Age Commando lip volumizing treatment. , before applying make-up. It moisturizes the lips, gives them a beautiful texture, and allows a good hold of the lipstick.

For those with thin lips, a shiny gloss is ideal to create volume . For those with fuller lips, opt for a lipstick in soft, light shades:the right compromise to boost the complexion, without drawing attention to the wrinkles around the mouth. If you don't have lip wrinkles, then you can afford more pronounced shades, with a nice burgundy or a pretty mauve.