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What is a serum used for? All about this precious beauty treatment

Between day and night creams, cleansing lotions and serums, you are lost. What is a serum used for? When should it be used? How to apply it correctly so that it is effective? Here are all Veld's answers to your questions!

What is a serum used for in a skincare routine?

The serum is not a simple cream:it is a care hyper-concentrated in active ingredients , to target specific skin problems. Its texture is light and fluid, even in the form of a gel, to allow the active ingredients to be immediately absorbed by the skin .

Unlike a day cream, the serum is not used alone. It acts in synergy with your daily care to reinforce its action, without replacing it. Your cream allows you to protect your epidermis from external aggressions, while the serum acts as a complement, on specific beauty issues. In addition, thanks to its liquid texture and powerful active ingredients, it acts on the deep layers of the epidermis , inaccessible for a moisturizer.

The serums have a targeted action to treat and repair the skin:

  • Smoothing to fight fine lines and aging skin
  • Moisturizing to help dry skin
  • Anti-dark spots to act on hyperpigmentation
  • Mattifying to relieve oily skin
  • Purifying to fight acne

To be used continuously or occasionally, the serum helps you regain perfect healthy skin after a few uses!

How to properly use your face serum?

A serum can be applied morning and evening , or only in the evening to wake up with a beautiful complexion and plump skin. The only step not to be missed before applying the serum:cleansing!

As soon as your skin is clean, rid of impurities and make-up, you can gently apply your serum. Take a few drops and apply with your fingertips to your face and neck.

Some serums can also be applied to the eye contour for an even more complete action. You can also insist on problem areas by tapping lightly. Finally, wait a few minutes to let the treatment penetrate well before applying your moisturizer.

You can use it daily for a lasting effect, or as a cure to beautify your skin before an important event:the wedding of your best friend or a party you've been waiting for months for example. If not, have you thought about using a serum for seasonal changes? It is a precious ally to prepare your skin for summer and prevent dehydration .

Which serum should I choose for my face?

Now you know what a serum is for. You just need one thing:find the serum your skin needs. Here is Veld's selection to help you find the care you need!

An anti-aging serum to firm the skin

Your skin loses tone and wrinkles start to mark your face? Bet on anti-aging serums to regain plumped skin quickly!

From the age of 40, the production of collagen decreases :it is thanks to this substance that your skin is smooth and supple. To reduce this phenomenon, a classic cream is not enough:it smoothes fine lines, but does not act in depth. It will also take several months to see an improvement.

On the contrary, a lifting serum will fill in marked wrinkles while redrawing the features of your face. After a few uses, you will find firmer and revitalized skin!

A serum to fight acne

Ah pimples… Even in adulthood, they can complicate your life! Integrating an anti-acne serum into your beauty routine can help problem skin. Apply daily to affected areas to regulate sebum production and reduce inflammation :the skin is purified and clearer!

For a more complete action, opt for antiseptic, purifying and above all healing formulas. These properties regulate the skin, prevent blackheads and limit the appearance of unsightly scars. Don't forget to apply your day cream afterwards! Problem skin needs to be hydrated and nourished to be protected from external aggressions

Be careful, in case of hormonal acne, the serum will not be of much help to you:do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist.

A hydrating serum for dry skin

Tightness, lack of suppleness, itching, marked wrinkles and the appearance of new fine lines... Dry skin can quickly become a nightmare! To avoid these inconveniences, using a serum can boost the effectiveness of your usual cream .

Don't wait to feel discomfort and take preventive action:UV rays, pollution, cold... All of this weakens the hydrolipidic film and makes it more sensitive to external aggressions and skin ageing.

To strengthen your epidermis and find a supple and radiant face, the hydrolipidic film needs a nourishing and moisturizing treatment. Our Age 2 serum Y helps your skin regain all its suppleness and elasticity:fine lines are smoothed and the skin is protected from ageing. In a few days, your complexion is firmer!

A serum to soothe sensitive skin

Does your skin no longer support anything? Between redness, tingling and itching, you don't know how to soothe it? A repairing serum can help you relieve it.

By acting in depth on the layers of the epidermis, this beauty treatment works in synergy with your moisturizer. Opt for a formula rich in minerals and soothing active ingredients to restore the skin barrier :better protected, the skin is more resistant to attacks.

Some anti-redness serums also stimulate collagen production to firm the skin while reducing redness. To be applied as a cure, these serums repair and restructure damaged epidermis. As a result, your skin is soft and comfortable! Want more tips for pampering your sensitive skin? Discover our special sensitive skin beauty routine.