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How to detoxify your skin:instructions for use

Dull, irritated, ringed skin... It's time to do a cure to detoxify your skin! Indeed, the skin tissue tends to accumulate toxins from our diet, but also from the environment in which we live. At stake ? Tired and damaged skin! How to detoxify your skin? What are the right gestures to detoxify the skin of the face? How to do a real detox cure? Veld's tells you everything.

Why detoxify your skin regularly?

You often hear that it is good to purify your skin, to "detoxify" it, to do a detox cure. You wonder why ? Because detoxifying your skin regularly is what will make your skin beautiful and luminous every day. Every day, the skin absorbs and generates toxins . When these are not evacuated, it is quickly the disaster:dull complexion, dark circles, marked wrinkles, comedones and blackheads. Several factors can amplify the presence of toxins in the epidermis:

  • Pollution
  • Tobacco and alcohol consumption
  • A diet that is too rich
  • Cosmetics or make-up not suitable for your skin
  • A change of season and/or cosmetics that destabilizes your skin

To eliminate toxins (and a dull complexion), the ideal is to detoxify your skin on a daily basis, by integrating detoxifying and purifying treatments to your beauty routine. At the same time, a cure to detoxify the skin by playing on the "internal" causes can give your skin a new start, especially at the change of seasons.

How to detoxify your skin on a daily basis?

To detoxify the skin of the face in depth, and above all, in a lasting way, it is essential to integrate certain gestures into your beauty routine.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly morning and evening

Impossible to fight against toxins without first clearing the way. Every morning cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser, such as lavender or witch hazel water. In the evening, remove your makeup carefully, then cleanse your skin with a more active cleanser. Going to bed with toxins embedded in your skin tissue is the best way to wake up with a gray complexion and pimples!

Apply a detoxifying face mask every week

If good daily hygiene is the first step in detoxifying the skin of the face, the use of a purifying treatment in parallel is necessary. Once or twice a week, apply a detoxifying face mask, which you leave on according to the instructions for use. This will allow the treatment to absorb toxins and dislodge impurities in depth, to really renew your skin and better protect the skin against pollution.

Moisturize your skin daily

We can never say it enough, hydration is the secret to beautiful skin! Regular hydration of the skin allows it to fully perform its toxin elimination functions. Above all, daily hydration of the skin strengthens its shield:the hydrolipidic film. This forms a layer on the surface of the skin, which protects it from external aggressions, and therefore from toxins linked to your environment. Morning and evening, remember to finalize your skincare routine with a moisturizer adapted to your skin type.

Have a steam bath or facial sauna every week

If you want to do a cure to detoxify your skin, here is your weapon! Today there are specific devices for doing a facial sauna, or you can do it the old-fashioned way:a large bowl of hot water, a few drops of essential oil, and a towel on your head! A 15-minute steam bath will open the pores, to eliminate toxins more easily.

For optimal results, you can even perform this operation before applying your detoxifying mask:the product will act better on open pores. Be careful, if you have sensitive skin prone to redness, this treatment can accentuate the redness. In the same way, the facial sauna should not be practiced just before going out, because the skin would then be too vulnerable to external aggressions. Instead, do it in the evening, before applying your care.

Detoxify your skin naturally

Detoxify your skin from within is often the best way to get visible results. To do so, everything happens on the plate!

The vast majority of toxins present in the body are due to the foods we eat. They come primarily from excess sugar and fat. To detoxify the skin of the face, but also of the body, it is therefore essential to adopt a balanced diet :consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, reduce the share of starchy foods and meat.

Avoid sugary snacks and turn to oilseeds, which are very good for the body, and to a fruit such as a kiwi, an apple, or an orange. Indeed, the latter have diuretic, purifying, detoxifying properties and offer an interesting contribution in vitamin C. If you are not a fan of fruits and vegetables, vary the forms:in smoothie, in puree, in soup, there are plenty tasty ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables!

To make a real cure to detoxify your skin , hydration (internal this time) is also crucial. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks, which boost carbohydrate levels more than they hydrate. Consume 1.5 L of water a day, and bet everything on tea and infusions. Indeed, infusions, rooibos, and teas are known for their diuretic properties, they help eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, green tea is rich in antioxidants, so it is perfect for restoring a healthy glow and reducing the signs of aging.

Finally, you can consume detoxifying plants. Be careful, like any food supplement, these will only be effective in addition to a balanced diet. For a successful detox cure, you can bet on birch juice, or aloe vera juice. Burdock, wild pansy and nettle have targeted actions to detoxify the skin.

You can find them in capsules in pharmacies or specialized shops. If you want a more global detox, and in particular a detox of the liver after excesses, a cure of black radish or vegetable charcoal can be of great help.