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3 beauty gestures to prepare for winter

Dull complexion, dehydrated and dry skin, deep wrinkles... So many marks that winter leaves on our face! To feel beautiful during the cold season, it is necessary to adapt your beauty routine to winter:we protect our skin, we focus on hydration, and we strengthen fragile areas! Discover the beauty gestures to prepare for Veld's winter.

Protecting your skin in winter:is it really necessary?

This is more of a rhetorical question than a real question:protecting your skin when winter arrives is essential ! Several factors contribute to weakening the epidermis during the winter:

  • The cold accentuates the phenomenon of evaporation of the water naturally contained in the skin tissue, so it dehydrates easily
  • The constant changes in temperature weaken the hydrolipidic film, which protects the skin less against external aggressions, and retains even less the water contained in the epidermis
  • Our tendency to go towards a richer and less balanced diet, as well as to consume less water, weakens the skin

Results ? We all end up with duller skin, a grayer complexion in winter . Lack of sun and a fading tan usually doesn't help either! Depending on your skin type and your beauty issues, this weakening of the skin can result in different ways:

  • Excess sebhorrea and increased imperfections in combination to oily skin
  • Severe dryness, even desquamation, in sensitive and dry skin
  • More marked and deepened wrinkles in mature skin

Don't give up, however, by adapting your beauty routine to winter , it is quite possible to maintain a radiant complexion, and to be beautiful despite the cold.

3 beauty gestures to look beautiful in winter

1. Deeply moisturize and nourish your skin

As we have seen, winter tends to dry out the skin and cause dehydration. A phenomenon that we absolutely want to prevent, to avoid a dull complexion and deep wrinkles. More than ever, hydration must be part of your daily beauty routine . For skin with a dry or sensitive tendency, nutrition must also be at the rendezvous with a cream rich in lipids.

In general, it is advisable to adopt richer care in winter than in summer:we prefer cleansing oil with micellar water, rich moisturizing cream rather than a light moisturizing cream. To better protect your skin from winter, do not hesitate to support the action of your cream with a more concentrated moisturizing serum! You can also give yourself short well-being breaks and bet on a moisturizing mask, to allow your skin to regenerate in depth !

Of course, we don't forget the nutrition from the inside:water, tea, herbal teas, smoothies... Remember to drink throughout the day.

2. Pamper the areas most sensitive to the cold

The skin is not of the same thickness and does not have the same resistance all over the body. For example, on the face, the eye and lip contour are thinner areas. They are more sensitive to the cold and react quickly:dark circles, dryness, expression lines .

To stay beautiful in winter, it is essential to take good care of these areas. We therefore opt for a moisturizing eye contour and lip contour, which will allow you to keep a smile and a sparkling look! Speaking of smiling, remember to nourish your lips :this is an area that also suffers very quickly from the cold. Always keep a nourishing stick on you.

Finally, the hands are the ones that suffer the most in winter. This is the area most exposed to the cold. Wear gloves when temperatures drop too much, and above all hydrate your hands ! Apply a cream every night at bedtime to keep hands soft and nails healthy.

3. Protect your skin from the sun (even in winter)!

We can never say it enough:the sun is the first cause of premature skin aging . If we have the “sunscreen reflex” in summer, we often lose it in winter, wrongly. On beautiful autumn and winter days, the sun can help dry out the skin, deepen wrinkles, slow down cell renewal . If it is good to expose yourself to it on a daily basis to fill up with vitamins D, do not hesitate to apply a light sun care.

Indeed, the sun's rays are less powerful in winter than in summer. An SPF 15 index is therefore largely sufficient for normal skin. An SPF 30 may work best for sensitive, dry skin. So, before going for a walk, or before attacking the winter holidays, consider applying a light sunscreen like our Flash Protect tinted cream. Not only will you be protected from the sun, but your skin will be hydrated and unified!