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Menopause and beauty:keep your skin in top shape!

When menopause arrives, you notice that your skin is changing and that it seems to be getting a little old. Don't panic, there are many tips for maintaining beautiful skin during menopause! Here are our beauty tips for taking care of your skin during menopause.

Is it possible to have beautiful skin during menopause?

When menopause arrives, we experience a real hormonal upheaval. If hot flashes and mood swings are already very painful, menopause is also often reflected in our skin. In your fifties, depending on your lifestyle and the care given to your skin, it already shows some signs of aging:some expression lines, some more marked than others, sometimes brown spots.

Menopause tends to accentuate those little “defects” that bother us so much. In question ? A decrease in the production of sebum and collagen . The skin loses its suppleness and is less protected by this “lipid cement” which protected it from external aggressions. With this less resistant hydrolipidic film, the water contained by the skin tissue tends to evaporate easily, resulting in dehydrated skin. Finally, it is often observed a slowdown in skin renewal and weakened vascularization , which makes the complexion duller.

In summary, at menopause, the skin becomes drier, it marks more easily, it looks more tired and dull, and wrinkles deepen more quickly. What – of – happiness! Don't get depressed though, nothing is lost! By adapting your skincare routine and adopting a few good habits, it is quite possible to keep beautiful skin during menopause , and still feel so beautiful!

How to stay beautiful during menopause:our tips

Very dry skin and menopause:nourish your skin!

As we have seen above, at menopause, the skin tends to dry out. The oily film that used to retain water weakens, and the water in the skin tissue evaporates quickly . Good news for those with oily skin, who will finally enjoy more balanced skin. Be careful though, even if you have combination skin, don't forget to moisturize it! Indeed, even oily skin can end up dehydrated.

For those with naturally dry or sensitive skin, it's more complicated. At menopause, your skin can become very dry and reactive. Beyond the discomfort of redness, tightness and burning sensations , very dry skin tends to mark more. Wrinkles are more visible, and the complexion duller.

To nourish your skin sufficiently, you need a treatment adapted to mature skin. At Veld's, we have designed two perfect creams so that very dry skin and menopause no longer go hand in hand:

· Age Commando anti-wrinkle face balm:designed for mature skin, it provides intense hydration and nutrition, to alleviate the effects of menopause on your skin. You find an immediate feeling of comfort, and your wrinkles are quickly reduced!

Age2 Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Cream O:ideal for all skin types, even sensitive, the Age 2 cream O offers deep hydration of the skin tissue, and helps strengthen the hydrolipidic film which becomes thinner with menopause. The perfect solution to prevent skin dehydration.

Menopause and skin problems:adapted care

We do not all experience menopause in the same way, and if in some the skin becomes dry, in others, it is acne that comes back at a gallop! Great classics of hormonal upheaval, it is not uncommon to end up with blackheads and pimples at menopause. Finally, seen like that, you didn't miss your twenties that much, did you?

Again, don't panic, this acne spike often happens at the onset of menopause and then subsides over time. During such a major hormonal change, the body can take several months to get used to and regain balance .

In the meantime, to find skin without imperfections, exfoliation is your best ally. You can exfoliate once or twice a week to unclog pores!

Say no to sagging menopausal skin

The skin naturally tends to sag with age, even before the milestone of 50 years. At menopause, the phenomenon is accentuated:the skin loses more firmness and tone, because cell renewal weakens . The features are less defined, the cheekbones less prominent, the contour of the face less clear.

To say stop to sagging skin at menopause, bet on a lifting moisturizer. Our Age Killer anti-aging cream is designed to firm the skin of the face, sheath the tissue, and restore clear features.

At the same time, you can practice some facial gymnastics exercises! Indeed, with small movements of the face, repeated regularly, you can strengthen the small muscles of the face, which support the skin and prevent it from sagging. Perfect for redefining the oval of the face!

Menopause and facial hair:how to react?

Apart from “classic” skin problems, menopause brings other more surprising concerns. At the onset of menopause, female sex hormones go into standby, and estrogen levels drop significantly. However, the level of androgens (male hormone present in small quantities in women) remains in good shape, and the balance tends to be reversed.

Results ? The voice may become deeper, and above all, hair growth may develop . If you notice the appearance of hair on your face, especially at the level of the upper lip and the chin, do not panic, this concerns many postmenopausal women. Again, there is often a "spike" at the onset of menopause, which lessens over time. To tackle facial hair during menopause, you can ask your doctor for an appropriate treatment:some hormonal treatments can help counteract the effects of menopause, including facial hair.

If you do not wish to take hormone treatment, hair bleaching is a good option . If you prefer to wax, don't shave! The hairs will grow back thicker and thicker, and shaving will need to be done very frequently. Prefer waxing or threading, which is more effective for these small areas . As a last resort, when the hairiness is very troublesome, the laser can be a solution. Be careful, it is not indicated in all situations, and represents a certain cost.