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Facial gymnastics:the best anti-aging exercises

What if facial gymnastics were the solution to simply rejuvenate? Combined with your anti-aging beauty routine, facial gymnastics can be ideal for fighting expression lines and sagging skin. Here are our best exercises!

Facial gymnastics:the natural anti-aging solution?

Have you ever heard of facial gymnastics? Don't panic, no need to take out your sportswear, just your best smile! Facial gymnastics consists of doing several small exercises where you will contract and/or relax certain facial muscles , for an anti-aging effect. You can incorporate these exercises into your daily beauty routine, or into your "wellness" break for the week. No need to schedule an hour each time, rest assured. With two minutes a day, we are already doing miracles!

Concretely, facial gymnastics can fight against wrinkles and sagging skin . Indeed, our face has more than 50 small muscles, which on a daily basis undergo micro-contractions, depending on the expressions of our face. In this way, certain muscles remain contracted, and create expression lines . Conversely, other muscles are little used, lose their firmness, and cause slackening of the skin.

Facial gymnastics will relax certain muscles to smooth out expression lines, and reshape those that are not toned enough to redefine facial features. Combined with a good anti-aging beauty routine, your skin will regain a real youthful look!

Facial gymnastics to rejuvenate:4 anti-aging exercises

Ready to try your hand at facial gymnastics? Perfect ! You can do your exercises at the end of your beauty routine in the evening, after applying a moisturizer. In fact, if the skin is hydrated and nourished, it will perform movements more easily and is less likely to “crease” . During each exercise, check that you are not tensing other parts of the face:it would be a shame to create new wrinkles by trying to do well! Finally, practice each movement for at least 5 seconds, otherwise the results may not be there.

1. Facial gymnastics:the frown line forgotten

Does the lion's wrinkle bother you and tire your eyes? After applying your moisturizer, frown your eyebrows by pressing with your index finger at the level of the two wrinkles . Maintain pressure for at least 5 seconds, taking care not to tense your mouth. Release the pressure then stretch the skin from the forehead to the temples , as if you are trying to pull the eyebrows away from each other.

When you are comfortable with this movement, do it 5 to 10 times depending on the time you have, chaining fairly quickly. With this exercise, you solicit and smooth the muscles around the eyes, but you also limit the contractions of the forehead, to rejuvenate the upper face.

2. Facial gymnastics for the oval of the face

Facial gymnastics, targeted on the oval of the face, makes it possible to limit slackening of the skin and redefine the contour of the face . In front of your mirror, stand up straight, tilt your head slightly down and place your two clenched fists under your chin. For 3 to 5 seconds, push with your face against your fists, and apply counter pressure with your fists .

Again, be careful not to tense your mouth. This exercise will tone the muscles of the jaw and those of the neck, to firm up the oval of the face. After a few weeks, you will be able to notice sharper and better defined features. Between each press, release for 5 seconds. Do this exercise in sets of 5 to 10 depending on how much time you have.

3. Smooth forehead wrinkles with facial gymnastics

When raising the eyebrows, long horizontal wrinkles can form on the forehead and remain visible, even when the skin is relaxed. To combat these horizontal forehead wrinkles, place both hands flat, horizontally, on the forehead. Press to create light pressure, and hold that pressure.

Then raise your eyebrows 5 times, raising your eyes to the sky, holding your forehead with your hands . This exercise strengthens the muscles that support the skin, and prevents the formation of breaks in the forehead.

4. Tone the lip and eye contour

Right after applying your eye contour treatment, place three fingers at the inner corner of the eye and make a movement that follows the brow bone to the temples , maintaining light pressure to stretch the skin. Then do the same movement under the eye following the shape of the dark circles:start from the inner corner of the eye then stretch in an arc to the temples.

Still with three fingers, draw the upper contour of the lips by drawing to the cheeks, then the lower contour. Repeat this series of movements 5 to 10 times.