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Decongest the eyes in 6 steps!

Do your bags under the eyes bother you? Rest assured:you can reduce them considerably by adopting the right reflexes. Veld's reveals how to decongest the eyes in 6 steps, to integrate into your routine today!

Swollen eyes:what are the causes?

The swelling of the eyelids is part of the large family of oedemas:it corresponds to an engorgement of the tissues by liquids (blood serum, lymph). These watery pockets appear under the influence of many factors, the most common being lack of sleep (which is accompanied by dark circles under the eyes), skin aging and the use of unsuitable cosmetics.

It also happens that these infiltrations are attributable to a genetic factor or to organic imbalances , such as kidney failure or circulation disorders, as well as allergic reactions. In this case, medical treatment will be preferable to decongest the puffy eyes.

How to decongest the eyes?

1. In the evening, do not neglect make-up removal

Make-up removal is an essential ritual to keep a sparkling and fresh look and prevent the phenomenon of puffy eyes . It allows the skin to breathe overnight and eliminates all small particles that can irritate the eyes and cause unsightly swelling.

To clean your eyelids in the rules of the art, bet on delicacy. Soak two soft cotton pads in make-up remover oil and press them for a few seconds on your closed eyes, without rubbing:the greasy substances dissolve the most stubborn make-up, even waterproof!

2. When you wake up, bet on eye gymnastics

At night, your lymphatic system works in slow motion. The lymph no longer circulates properly and struggles to eliminate toxins, which accumulate around the eye contour and saturate the tissues. It is this ephemeral lymphatic deficiency that is the cause of swollen eyes upon waking.

This phenomenon fades on its own during the morning. However, you can speed things up by stimulating the activity of the lymphatic vessels with a few very simple movements . We talk about facial gymnastics, or ocular gymnastics. Keep your eyelids closed and gently roll your eyes in their sockets for a minute or two:first left to right, then bottom to top, and finish with circles.

3. Freshen up your eyes

The cold is particularly beneficial for the delicate area around the eyes:it supports the resumption of blood and lymphatic microcirculation, which helps unclog tissues cluttered with cellular debris and reduce the volume of puffiness in the blink of an eye. !

Also, head to the bathroom to refresh yourself with a generous spray of thermal water fresh . Avoid tap water:limestone attacks the skin. And for a localized boost effect, place two metal spoons in your freezer for 5 minutes, then place them on your eyelids for a few seconds to decongest the eyes.

4. Massage your eye contour

Nothing like a good massage to stimulate lymphatic flow! In addition to being particularly pleasant in the early morning, it works wonders on puffiness and puffy eyes. The epidermis of the eye contour being four times thinner than that of the rest of the face, gestures that are too aggressive risk wrinkling it. So, only one golden rule:gentleness !

With the pad of your thumb, follow the shape of the eye socket from the inside out, exerting light pressure on the strategic points:at the inner corner of the eye, in the middle of the brow bone, at the corner external and, finally, under the eye. Repeat this circuit at least 5 times.

5. Apply a targeted moisturizer

The sebaceous glands are present only in small numbers around the eye. Unlike the rest of the face, this area therefore has a particularly thin hydrolipidic film which makes it vulnerable to dryness and aggression. This is why a non-irritating moisturizer is essential to preserve the eye contour.

To decongest puffy eyes and prevent darkening, choose a specific cream for the eye area , low in lipids and enriched with draining active ingredients, and apply it morning and evening by tapping. In addition to being ideal for treating tired eyes, our Eye Magic anti-wrinkle eye contour has an ingenious brush that offers a circulatory massage, formidable against puffiness!

6. Beautify your eyes with make-up

Even if you have puffy eyes, you can enhance your look with makeup! However, be sure to avoid overly creamy products and luminous concealers, which would only draw attention to swollen areas, accentuating the relief.

Unify your complexion by applying a tinted cream with a light texture , like our Flash Protect Light. Avoid light eyeshadows and opt for more intense shades, without red or purple tones – especially if you have dark circles under your eyes. Be light on the material and insist more on the makeup of the eyelid and upper lashes, so as not to draw attention to the bags under the eye.