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Dark circles under the eyes:reduce them in 5 steps

A slightly difficult night, a slightly drunken evening, a busy period at work... And presto, your dark circles friends invite themselves under your pretty eyes. Nothing serious in itself, but dark circles under the eyes are an aesthetic discomfort, sometimes significant, dulling the look and making you look tired. How to remove dark circles under the eyes? How to find a sparkling look? Here are 5 tips to say stop to dark circles!

How to remove dark circles under the eyes?

To remove dark circles under the eyes, you must first understand the causes of dark circles . Hollow, puffy, black-brown or blue-violet, there are different types of dark circles, largely determined by the genetic heritage :if your parents are particularly dark circles, it is very likely that you are too, with the same type of dark circles.

Then, the state of health also comes into play:the area around the eyes has a very thin skin, which reflects our state of fatigue, our form of the day, but also our age. Dark circles form when blood circulation is not dynamic enough, causing stagnation of blood and lymph under the eyes. Several factors can promote this poor blood circulation, with at the top of the list, the hygiene of life. But if it is difficult to radically change your lifestyle, there are some easy tips to integrate into your daily life to no longer have dark circles under your eyes .

5 steps to no longer have dark circles under the eyes

Cold to decongest the eye area

To take care of the eye contour, the cold is a precious ally! Indeed, the cold will decongest the eyes, but also stimulate blood circulation to remove dark circles under the eyes . Significant bonus:the cold tones the skin, tightens pores, and reduces skin redness!

To add a bit of freshness to your beauty routine , there are several ways to do this. The classic grandmother's trick:put spoons or green tea bags in the fridge the night before, to put them under your eyes in the morning. Another possibility:freshen up with a spray of thermal water placed in a cool place, or with a face wash with very cold water. Finally, the simple and effective tip:place your eye contour treatment in a cool place , to enjoy a fresh treatment every morning that awakens the entire eye contour.

Hydration to preserve the fragile skin around the eyes

Dark circles are visible because the thin skin around the eye allows blood and lymph to show through under the eyes. This skin, already fragile, tends to become thinner with age. In some people, it even creates hollow circles . To limit the appearance of dark circles and prevent their development, moisturize the eye contour daily.

Face moisturizers are not designed for the eye contour area. They contain fatty agents which can migrate into the eye, and sometimes irritating agents which are not suitable for application close to the mucous membranes. Choose a specific eye contour treatment . At Veld's, we have designed the Eye Magic anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness eye contour treatment. It allows you to refresh the look in one gesture , in particular thanks to its applicator brush that gently massages the area.

Lymphatic massage to reduce dark circles under the eyes

As we have seen, the factor that particularly accentuates dark circles is poor blood circulation. What can you do to boost your circulation? A massage ! Every day, after cleansing your face and decongesting your eyes thanks to the cold, take advantage of the application of your eye contour treatment to massage the area.

Start from the inner corner of the eye and make small circles with your fingertips all along the dark circle, to wake up the eye contour. Then, gently pinch the skin between your index finger and your thumb and make small repeated pinches all along the dark circles. Finish with a global massage of the eye contour, also going up above the eye, for a sparkling and dynamic look!

Makeup to camouflage dark circles

You followed the first 3 steps to the letter, but dark circles remain under your eyes? Don't panic, the make-up will "finish the job". If you have dark circles , make-up in two stages:first an orange concealer to neutralize the blue-violet and black tones, then a concealer of your complexion to unify the complexion.

If you have dark circles or bags under the eyes, pay attention to the choice of concealer:favor fluid textures, because a thick texture would mark the volume. In the same way, avoid the illuminator, which by play of light, will draw attention to the volumes under the eyes.

Healthy lifestyle as the first concealer weapon!

Poor blood circulation increases tenfold the coloring of dark circles. Among the factors responsible for poor blood circulation:lack of sleep , stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, and a diet that is too rich.

To remove dark circles under the eyes , take care of yourself:sleep 8 hours a night, limit overly rich meals and make room for fruits and vegetables! Also, good stress management, relying on yoga or meditation, for example, can help reduce dark circles.