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Trends, long-lasting tips:how to wear makeup this summer?

When the good weather arrives, we want freshness, colors and cheerfulness! Exit the well-covering and sophisticated makeup of winter, we move on to summer makeup! What are the spring/summer 2020 makeup trends? How to make up when it's hot? Here are Veld's tips for shining this summer.

Spring-summer 2020 makeup trends

Each spring, the fashion shows set the tone for the make-up trends that we will see on all faces come summer. The watchword for spring – summer 2020 makeup trends:light!

A golden and glowing complexion

When applying make-up in the summer, the complexion work should be lighter . The skin is less pale than in winter, the sun regulates some of the imperfections, and the heat makes it difficult to have thick textures. Sun powder and highlighter will be the stars of the season, for a subtly golden and luminous complexion.

Luminous eye makeup

Exit the imposing smoky, as for the complexion, we want lightness and light in our summer makeup! Make way for pearlescent eyeshadow , or glossy effect, using a lip balm or gloss for a wet effect.

A fresh and colorful mouth

The tanned complexion allows you to explore more vibrant colors than in winter, take advantage of it! The fruity palate is appropriate, with a great tendency for the "bitten mouth" effect , very colorful in the heart of the lips. We also note a return to grace of the gloss, to bring shine.

How to wear makeup when it's hot?

Fresh, clear skin

We have seen it, to make up in summer , you have to dare bare skin with light complexion work. It is therefore crucial to have perfectly clear skin, not only to have a harmonious result despite little foundation, but also to guarantee makeup that lasts all day. Cleanse your skin morning and night, and don't forget to exfoliate.

Make up in summer with a light complexion

To make up in summer, tinted creams and illuminating foundations are ideal. They allow you to unify the complexion and obtain a healthy glow effect, without marked texture, for a natural look . You can bet on a 2-in-1 product like our Pure Pulp Glow cream:it hydrates the skin, evens out and illuminates the complexion, thanks to the natural micro-pigments that it releases on application. A touch of concealer, a veil of sun powder, a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones, and you're done.

Protect yourself from the sun with protective care

The sun is the first cause of skin aging . When you make up your complexion and your lips in summer, it may be a good idea to use protective care. For the first days of exposure, bet on lip balms and tinted creams with SPF 30, at least. Then you can move on to lighter formulas, like our Flash Protect tinted cream, which acts as a UV shield.

Opt for waterproof summer makeup

Make up when it's hot can be a real challenge. The smearing kohl pencil, the flowing mascara…. Not very glamorous. To make up your eyes well in summer, choose waterproof makeup , with more heat-resistant textures:cream eyeshadow, waterproof mascara, and why not try colored eyeliner? There are many waterproof formulas, with shades suitable for all skin tones.

Bet everything on colored lips

A beautiful luscious and colorful mouth always works wonders with a nice tanned complexion. We like coral tones, rosewood, or even fushia or glamorous red for the daring. Matte lipstick is still popular , for those who wish to calm things down with more pronounced eyes. To boost the volume of your lips, bitten mouth , with a bright lipstick on the inside of the lips, and a softer tone on the outside, works very well.