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How do I develop my daily beauty routine?

Ah back to school… This period that we love so much, because it offers us a new start. What if we took the opportunity to review our daily beauty routine? The care that we lavish on our skin on a daily basis has a great impact on its health, its beauty, and its ability to resist the passage of time. To develop an effective skincare ritual, Veld's provides you with its essential gestures and treatments in a daily beauty routine. Follow the guide!

The morning beauty routine

Your daily beauty routine starts in the morning! The goal? Fresh, clear, protected and embellished skin to face the day with peace of mind.

Awaken and refresh the skin

When you get out of bed, the skin may be a little wrinkled or swollen from fatigue. First, we will therefore start by restoring freshness and vigor . To do this, you can use floral water or thermal spray. Indeed, the skin does not need to be cleaned with soap or cleansing gel in the morning. If it was well cleaned at bedtime the night before, it simply needs to be refreshed to eliminate the toxins emitted during the night .

Our tip for getting your daily beauty routine off to a good start? Place the thermal (or floral) spray in a cool place. Not only does it give a boost to the skin and tightens pores, but it's also a good trick to get to the office fully awake!

The key to your morning beauty routine:hydration

Once the skin is clean and fresh, it is essential to moisturize it. This very simple gesture is the key to beautiful healthy skin . Indeed, the skin tissue needs a daily supply at the top to keep its suppleness and elasticity. This water supply also helps to protect the skin from aggressions it encounters during the day:the moisturizer strengthens the hydrolipidic film, the skin's barrier against friction, pollution, dust, sun, etc.

During your morning beauty routine, use a water-rich moisturizer , not necessarily in lipids to avoid a greasy finish (unless you have dry skin). Take advantage of the application to massage your face. Not only does it relax, but the facial massage also helps boost blood circulation (you get a peachy complexion!) and decongest areas that are still tired.

Finally, before moving on to make-up, remember to moisturize the sensitive areas of the face :the contour of the mouth and the contour of the eyes. The skin there is very thin and fragile, and yet constantly stressed. To prevent signs of fatigue and premature signs of aging, apply our Eye Magic eye contour every morning. Available in three versions (anti-dark circles and puffiness, anti-wrinkle, and lifting effect), it restores softness and radiance to your pretty eyes :the smoldering gaze is yours!

Daily makeover

Once the face is well hydrated and in great shape, you can move on to your daily beauty treatment. Whether you are a fan of beauty fast and minimalistic, or whether you like to take time with a sophisticated makeover, do what looks like you, the makeup you are comfortable and confident with. Finally, isn't the goal to feel good in your sneakers?

Of course, at Veld's, we have a few basics for a successful daily make-up:a nice unified complexion with a foundation adapted to the complexion, a swipe of concealer to correct small flaws, a touch of blush and mascara and presto, you're on top!

Evening beauty routine

Here we are at the second part of your daily beauty routine :the evening beauty routine! A real little ritual to wind down and leave the day behind you, your pre-bedtime beauty routine aims to clear the way and soothe the skin so that it recovers during the night.

Makeup removal

Make-up removal is the crucial step in your evening beauty routine! In fact, make-up tends to suffocate the skin, which has a harder time oxygenating itself under foundation and blusher. When you go to bed without removing make-up, the skin "macerates" under the make-up, the pores become saturated with sebum, and the skin can become irritated:long live blackheads, redness, and dull complexion the next day!

So remove your make-up every evening, using a make-up remover adapted to your skin type , but also the type of makeup (gentle for light makeup, more powerful if you wear waterproof or stubborn makeup). This will avoid rubbing too much and damaging the skin, always remove make-up gently. From micellar water to make-up remover oils, not to mention milks, you are bound to find the product you need!

A deep cleaning

The first layer of makeup removed, it's time to remove makeup residue , but also the impurities that cling to the skin and lodged deeper in the skin tissue. Ideally, evening cleansing should be done with a cleansing gel or specific soap for the face. Never use shower gel or hand soap, which are too harsh on the skin. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. If you have sensitive skin, a small spray of thermal water or floral water is essential to remove limescale residue.

Once or twice a week, complete your evening beauty routine with a scrub or face mask. These highly concentrated treatments make it possible to instantly beautify the skin, with targeted action according to your problems:moisturizing and nourishing mask, anti-blemish scrub, anti-aging mask, etc.

End the day gently with a moisturizing and nourishing treatment

Once the skin is clean, it's time to give it material to regenerate during the night. Opt for a soothing treatment , which restores comfort to the skin, repairs small sores, and provides it with all the water it needs. The ideal? A soothing treatment that also treats your small beauty issues :a cream with anti-ageing active ingredients, a nourishing treatment for dry skin, an anti-dark spot treatment to fight against brown spots.

At Veld's, we have designed Pure Pulp Neo, beauty restoring gel. At the end of the day, it calms all irritations and tightness, while plumping up the skin for smooth features . Its moisturizing and anti-aging action gives you a healthy glow upon application... And radiant skin the next morning!