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How to apply your eye contour?

According to a 2011 Arcane Research study, 1 out of 2 French women say they are concerned about their eye area after 30 . Between the famous crow's feet, dark circles, and bags under the eyes, the look can quickly lose its shine! The solution ? An eye contour cream, specially designed to pamper this fragile area. But which eye contour should you choose? How to apply your eye contour to get the most out of it? Check out Veld's tips.

Why adopt an eye contour in your beauty routine?

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”:an expression that sounds familiar to you? Or rather, should we say “the eye contour is the mirror of the soul”? Indeed, the eye contour reveals a lot about us . The skin is very thin, which easily shows signs of fatigue, minor health concerns, and signs of aging.

Also, the tissue around the eye is poor in collagen , elastin, and contains very few sebaceous glands. The skin is therefore very fragile . It reacts easily to external aggressions:friction, temperature changes, unsuitable cosmetics...

You will understand, to look good and preserve the youthfulness of the look , it is necessary to take care of the contour of the eye. However, face moisturizers are not suitable for this area of ​​the face. Too rich in fatty agents, they migrate into the eye and can create inflammation of the mucous membrane. You therefore need dedicated eye contour care .

Eye contour:what to choose?

Choosing your eye contour is not an easy task. As we have seen, you must choose a treatment dedicated to this area, but also, with active ingredients adapted to your needs. Think about what bothers you the most about your eye area:do you have dark circles under your eyes? Do expression lines bother you? Pockets? Sagging eyelids? Your eye contour treatment must have a targeted formula for your beauty issues .

For example, at Veld's, we have chosen to offer our eye contour in three formulas, to cover everyone's needs:

  1. Eye Magic concealer and anti-puffiness to fight signs of fatigue
  2. Eye Magic anti-wrinkle to fight signs of aging
  3. Eye Magic lift to fight sagging .

If you are looking for an eye contour cream, you have probably noticed that many treatments are equipped with applicators, in roll-ons or brushes, for example. Indeed, to take care of the eye contour, the application counts as much as the treatment formula . We therefore advise you to choose a treatment with an applicator. At Veld's, we opted for a soft brush , which gently massages the area, without displacing the material.

How to apply an eye contour?

Take care of the entire eye area

A common mistake when applying an eye contour treatment is to focus on the bottom of the eye, at the level of dark circles. In reality, the eye contour area is not so restricted . You must draw a circle that encompasses the entire “dark circles area” (up to the top of the cheekbone), but also the upper eyelid and the brow bone.

By applying your treatment to the outer corners of the eye, you can prevent the appearance of expression lines, or reduce them if they are already present. By pushing the application to the brow bone, you can prevent sagging of the upper eyelid . So see wide enough!

Eye contour:morning or evening?

To be effective, the eye contour must be applied morning and evening . In the morning, the product will moisturize the area, and protect it against the aggressions of the day. It will also decongest the eyes to enhance your look. Cover the eye contour well, but do not apply too much product, otherwise your makeup may not stay.

In the evening, it is a question of regenerating this area which has been put to the test all day (make-up, wrinkling, dust, smoke, etc.), to avoid having swollen eyes the next day. So apply more generously and prolong the massage to relieve tension.

Neither too much nor too little product

Difficult to dose the eye contour, on such a small area. With too much product, we risk getting in the eye, with not enough product, we will have no effect. If you're having trouble finding the right balance, a roll-on applicator or brush can help you get the right dose . Otherwise, take very small hazelnuts of product and apply gradually to the eye contour, and reapply as needed.

Apply in short massages

If your eye contour is fitted with a roll-on or brush tip, take the time to perform good application gestures :draw with the brush the “infinity” symbol around the two eyes, to stimulate the area and decongest the eyes.

Make small circles on the eyelids, before massaging the area of ​​crow's feet and frown lines. If you don't have an applicator, perform these little massages with your fingertips.