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Bitter lines:how to rejuvenate your smile?

Bitter lines are those little creases at the corners of the lips that pull the smile down. When they dig in and make their way onto our face, they can quickly give us a stern, even sad expression. Rest assured, bitter wrinkles are not inevitable, and solutions exist. Here are Veld's tips for rejuvenating your smile!

Bitterness wrinkles:what are the causes?

Our mouth is constantly in demand:when we drink, when we eat, when we speak. No wonder, therefore, to see the wrinkles around the mouth deepen. Among the wrinkles that can make your mouth look a little old:bitterness wrinkles . They give the face a more serious, severe, less jovial expression. But how do they appear?

Well, there are several causes for the appearance of bitterness wrinkles :

  • A frozen expression or few smiles, which cause relaxation of the muscles located at the corners, at the origin of the bitterness fold
  • A tendency to clench the jaw or grind the teeth, causing the area around the mouth to tense
  • Skin aging, which leads to the natural slackening of the skin.

How to erase bitter wrinkles?

Fill in wrinkles with anti-aging treatments

To fill in wrinkles and rejuvenate the features of your face, the first step is to adopt an appropriate skincare routine. Gently cleanse your skin every day with a facial cleanser designed for your skin type. You can opt for a light cleansing in the morning, and bet on a make-up removal then a thorough cleansing in the evening. Indeed, going to bed with skin made up and smothered in impurities means taking the risk of accelerating skin aging .

After each cleaning, hydration must be in order :your skin needs water and lipids to recharge its batteries, be healthy, and better resist attacks. This is also the time to opt for formulas rich in anti-aging active ingredients, which will help fill in wrinkles. For example, the vernonia appendiculata and the brède mafane , two anti-aging active ingredients renowned for their effectiveness, make up our Age Killer range. The Age Killer cream and serum help nourish the skin, restore its strength and tone, while smoothing wrinkles for a rejuvenated face.

Bitter wrinkles:facial gymnastics exercises and facial massage

We probably don't think about it enough, but facial massages can be very effective in fighting wrinkles , and in particular, against bitterness wrinkles . Every day, while applying your moisturizer, take the opportunity to massage your face. Make small circles with your fingertips over the entire surface, to loosen tension and stimulate circulation . Then, concentrate on the areas affected by wrinkles, and extend the massage, going in the opposite direction of the wrinkles.

In addition to the facial massage , you can perform small facial gymnastics exercises to reduce bitterness wrinkles. For example, every day in front of the mirror, smile 5 times, before manually lifting the corners of the lips 5 times with two fingers. This will smooth out the bitterness crease , and to revitalize the muscles at the commissures. Finish by making small pinches along the bitterness fold 5 times on each side.