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Naso genius furrow:how to blur it?

Is your genial fold complexing you? Fortunately, there are keys, not only to prevent, but also to reduce this particular wrinkle. Good habits, cosmetic active ingredients and make-up:Veld's goes around the solutions with you. Something to smile about!

What is the nasolabial fold?

The nasal fold is the lot of all women from a certain age. Depending on skin type, genetic heritage and lifestyle, it usually appears around the age of 30 .

Behind a convoluted name actually hides yet another wrinkle. Also called labio-nasal groove , the nasolabial fold is located on the lower part of the face. It is a vertical and symmetrical wrinkle that descends on each side from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips .

If the nasolabial fold is probably the most hated of all, it's for good reason. Indeed, like all wrinkles around the mouth, it tends to harden the face . This is why the nasolabial fold is a major beauty concern for many women.

Wrinkle of the nasolabial fold:where does it come from?

Sagging skin

We tend to talk about the appearance of the nasolabial fold. But you should know that this "undesirable" is present from birth . It is with age, on the other hand, that it widens.

During the skin aging process , the framework of the skin gets tired. The synthesis of elastin and collagen – two proteins essential for maintaining firmness – becomes rare. Result:without a solid structure to support it , the fat naturally located in the cheeks sags. It then comes up against the upper lip, where it forms a small sausage of skin. It is this charming skin bulge that contributes to increase the depth of the wrinkle of the nasolabial fold.

Mimics and company

But age isn't everything! Facial expressions also contribute to digging the naso-genius furrow . Especially the smile. Moreover, it is not for nothing that it is called the "wrinkle of the smile »! An additional reason not to confuse it with the lines of bitterness which generally form on tense faces.

Finally, other factors are likely to accelerate the appearance of the nasolabial fold wrinkle. This is the case, for example, of dehydration . The more your skin lacks water, the more it will struggle to maintain its smooth and "plumpy" baby skin appearance. Obviously, the abuse of the sun is not left out. prolonged UV exposure plays a leading role in the explosion of oxidative stress, the cause of wrinkles.

Prevent the nasolabial fold with the right active ingredients

Hydrate thoroughly

In beauty as elsewhere, prevention is better than cure! And for that, it is on hydration that you have to bet all your chips. To delay the appearance of a marked nasolabial fold , start by hydrating yourself abundantly from the inside . Remember that your skin mainly gets hydrated from the water you drink.

At the same time, to prevent water loss, apply morning and evening a combo serum + moisturizer . The goal is to form an anti-dehydration shield on the surface of your skin. Choose cosmetic treatments containing hyaluronic acid . Naturally secreted by the skin, its production slows down over time. Yet it is a fundamental anti-aging molecule. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Boost collagen production

Are your fibroblasts running out of steam? It's time to give them a boost! It is by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin that you will be able to reduce the appearance of the naso-genius fold wrinkle . Vitamin C diffuses a powerful pro-collagen action. For cosmetic use, choose a dosage of at least 5%.

You can also do a vitamin A cure . It is essential in the process of cellular regeneration and ideal for preventing naso-genius wrinkles. In addition to cosmetics, you will find them in different forms in your food:animal livers, carrots, parsley, butter, tomatoes, etc.

Facial gymnastics and the nasolabial fold:it's easy!

A marked nasolabial fold can sometimes encourage you to rely on a cosmetic surgeon. However, take the time to test the gentle method before proceeding to injections. Although to be considered in the long term, facial gymnastics is a lasting solution to reshape your face and reduce expression lines.

To help you, here is a little facial gymnastics routine special nasolabial fold. One rule to see results:stick to it every day !

1. Place both thumbs under your chin and your index fingers over your nasolabial folds. Press lightly to fix the area:it must not move during the exercise.

2. Then move your mouth forward as far as possible. Repeat the movement several times.

Genius naso furrow make-up:good tips to reduce it

Smooth your skin with a primer

In the event of a marked naso-genius fold, use make-up as a trick! With the right products and a few tricks, you can achieve a very convincing lifting effect on the lower face.

The first step is to apply a smoothing base on your skin. It will help to fill in small wrinkles, including the famous naso-genius fold. Your ally for this phase is unquestionably the Pure Pulp Neo ! Thanks to its texturizing power , it instantly beautifies skin texture, plumps up and smoothes facial features. With or without make-up, it's the perfect treatment to unsheath for an immediate beauty boost.

Catch the light where you need it

Get a corrector enriched with light-reflecting particles . Choose it a half tone below your skin tone. Drop a little material on your nasolabial fold and tap. You play on the volumes and give the impression of a plumper skin .

Remember that applying makeup to mature skin requires a few precautions. Make sure you select the right textures . Powdery finishes tend to migrate into creases and bring out the nasolabial fold. For fresh make-up with a second skin effect , we recommend that you favor fluid textures rich in nourishing active ingredients.