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Hydrate the eye contour for a radiant look

Looking at yourself in the mirror this morning, did you find your look more tired or more severe than usual? It is not uncommon to have irritated and swollen eye contour, or simply more marked, from time to time:it is often a lack of hydration. But how to moisturize the eye contour? How to properly use your eye contour cream? Which treatment to choose? Veld's gives you the keys to a young and sparkling look!

Irritated and swollen eye area:what are the causes?

The eye area is particularly fragile and requires daily pampering. Indeed, the skin around your pretty eyes is very thin, up to 10 times thinner than on the rest of the face . It does not have a thick hydrolipidic film (barrier of the skin against attacks) and is therefore very sensitive to different attacks. If you have irritated and swollen eye area , or you have the impression that your eyes are more tired or wrinkled than usual, several causes are possible:

  • A lack of hydration around the eyes
  • A lack of sleep which accentuates the drawn look
  • Repeated rubbing on the eyes
  • Makeup that is too aggressive or dries out the skin
  • Unsuitable optical correction that forces you to strain your eyes

In this context, when the skin around the eyes is damaged, it wrinkles, dries out, and wrinkles become very marked . We also see more dark circles and bags under the eyes. Luckily, a good skincare routine can help you pep up your look.

How to moisturize the eye area?

Since the eye contour is particularly fragile, it is necessary to provide it with tailor-made care. To moisturize and care for the eye area, use an eye contour cream or gel . The first instinct is to apply your moisturizer a little closer to the eyes to cover the eye area, but that's a mistake.

Face care may contain agents that are too greasy or too aggressive which, applied too close to the eyes, can migrate into the eye and irritate the mucous membrane. It therefore requires a formula specifically designed for this area.

How to apply an eye contour cream?

In treatments dedicated to the eye area, the application is as important as the product itself. To pamper your look, apply your eye contour treatment morning and evening . Beforehand, cleanse your face and moisturize it with a moisturizer, without getting close to your eyes. The eye contour cream is applied just after the moisturizer.

Another pitfall that we often observe is the area of ​​application:do not put your care only under the eyes, on the dark circles area. Apply it all over the eye area , on the outer corner, on the inner corner (being careful not to get any product in the eye of course), but also on the eyelid. Applying the treatment to the entire area helps to prevent the appearance of crow's feet , but also the sagging of the upper eyelid.

The gesture of application is also important. To decongest the eyes, eliminate signs of fatigue and wrinkles, massage is a must. Apply your eye contour by massaging with your fingertips, accentuating the pressure on the level of dark circles. To cover the entire area well and have a dynamic movement (be careful not to move the material, however), you can apply your treatment by drawing a horizontal eight (or the infinity sign) going from one eye to the other crossing at the top of the nose.
Veld's trick for a sublime look? Keep your eye area cool. The cold helps decongest the eyes and tighten the skin, you will see the difference immediately!

Eye contour care:what to choose?

You want to take care of your look, but you don't know which eye contour to choose ? First of all, choose an eye contour that corresponds to your problem:anti-wrinkle if crow's feet bother you, lifting effect if your eyelids sag, anti-puffiness and dark circles if your eyes seem tired.

To make your life easier, you can also choose an eye contour with applicator . You can find them in the form of brushes or roll-ons. They allow you to have the right gesture and the right pressure to massage the skin, without risking damaging it. At Veld's, we attach great importance to the look and we have worked to develop elite skincare for the eye area . Our Eye Magic treatments have become a reference in the field.

Our anti-wrinkle Eye Magic was even elected to the Victoires de la Beauté 2019-2020! You can also find Eye Magic in a concealer and anti-puffiness version, or in a silky lifting gel. If the formulas adapt to your needs, each of our eye contours has a soft gel texture that is easy to apply.

For perfect application, Eye Magic treatments are equipped with a soft brush, which activates blood circulation and smoothes the lines , while perfectly dosing the product.