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How to hide dark circles? Our tips

This morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, did your dark circles give you the blues? Whether they are caused by fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, or they are naturally marked in you, dark circles can quickly make you look bad. They divert attention from the gaze, make them look sadder, more tired, and sometimes, older. In short, everything you don't want! Don't worry, at Veld's, we have plenty of good tips for hiding dark circles effectively.

Hide dark circles:the art of limiting breakage

The causes of dark circles are varied:they can have a genetic origin, be related to fatigue, or reveal a poor state of health. If you notice abnormally frequent or marked dark circles, it may be wise to check with a health professional. If they are "just" linked to a busy period, don't panic, we give you our tips for hiding these dark circles !

Activate lymphatic drainage

Dark circles are a collection of lymph and blood under the skin. As the skin under the eyes is particularly thin, it reveals this accumulation by transparency, which creates a bluish coloring in most cases. But they can also be swollen, hollow, and even black or yellow. First reflex to hide dark circles:massage the area to drain the lymph and blood. By massaging with the fingertips in a circular manner, exerting light to medium pressure, you will be able to blur dark circles. You can also bet on an eye contour with a massager tip, which will naturally decongest dark circles .

Bet on the cold

Massage is not enough? Is your eye contour particularly sensitive? It may be a good idea to restart blood circulation thanks to the cold. To do this, place two scoops in the refrigerator before bedtime, and apply them under your eyes in the morning when you get up. You can also do this trick with two used green tea bags, to benefit from the antioxidants present in tea. Another interesting option:simply place your eye contour treatment in the refrigerator.

Apply concealer eye contour

Cosmetic innovation makes it possible to produce more effective formulas every year. Today there are eye contours specifically designed to hide dark circles and puffiness , and mitigate them over the long term. This is particularly the case with our Eye Magic concealer and anti-puffiness! Its massaging brush gently drains the lymph, while its targeted active ingredients effectively decongest the entire eye contour area.

Camouflage dark circles with makeup

Concealer:what color to hide dark circles?

The choice of a concealer must take into account two criteria to hide dark circles effectively:your complexion, and the color of dark circles. Concealer shouldn't be much lighter or much darker than your skin tone or else it will draw attention to the dark circles you desperately want to hide! Take a shade close to your skin tone , and do not hesitate to ask for advice in a make-up shop.

Next, consider the color of your dark circles. If they are blue-purplish or even slightly black, choose a concealer with a warm tint to counterbalance the cold coloring undereye bags. If your dark circles are rather yellowish, opt for a concealer with cold undertones, which will help reduce the yellow-orange undertones.

Camouflaging very marked dark circles:instructions for use

To hide dark circles under very marked eyes, choose a high-coverage concealer . Do not hesitate to ask to test it in store, because some high-coverage products have a thick texture that creates material on dark circles, and gives an unnatural look. If your dark circles are particularly marked, you can combine two products. First apply an orange concealer dark enough to hide the black and bluish undertones of the dark circles, then apply over a concealer (or an illuminator if your dark circles do not have relief) of your skin tone, for unify the complexion .

Camouflaging dark circles:how to do it?

Dark circles and puffiness are the most difficult to hide. Their reliefs irremediably attract attention, so you have to be clever to manage to hide them! If your dark circles are colored, apply a fluid concealer:the texture is important, to avoid a grainy effect which would accentuate the relief.

Be careful with illuminators, their interaction with light can make the relief even more visible. If you apply it, it is in small doses, and with the advice of a make-up artist to place it correctly. Finally, our little secret tip:make up your eyes only on the upper eyelid and upper lashes . This will draw attention to the top of the eyes, rather than the dark circles.