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Colorimetry:those colors that suit your complexion!

Does colorimetry speak to you? It is the art of finding the colors that suit our complexion, that make it brighter, more radiant. Knowing your colors is the guarantee of always choosing the right makeup, like your clothes. You do not know the colorimetry of your skin? Do you want to discover the colors that enhance your complexion? Veld's tells you everything!

Colorimetry, késako?

The beauty expert that you are has never heard of colorimetry ? Do not panic ! It's a catch-all word that is used in graphics, in decoration, but also and above all, in fashion and beauty. All the art of colorimetry is based on knowing the colors that suit our skin tone , and those that don't suit us.

Because yes, at Veld's, we regularly talk to you about the radiance of the complexion! A dull complexion and you immediately look tired, even sick. So when your complexion lights up, you radiate beauty! If taking care of your skin with an adapted beauty routine is the first step towards a fresh complexion, knowing your colors is just as important. You've probably noticed, you have this little dress that immediately makes you look good, when on the other side, your little summer top seems to give you a grayer complexion.

It is the same side make up, a blush or a lipstick with a shade that does not flatter our skin tone, and hop, it's a disaster! To never walk around in colors that make you look sad again, here are some tips to become familiar with your colorimetry .

Clothing colorimetry:discover the colors that suit you!

What color to wear when you're blonde?

Know that when we talk about the colorimetry of the skin, we classify the different profiles by season . As for women with blond to brown hair, there are two seasons:so-called "spring" women and so-called "summer" women.

The Spring Woman is characterized by light blond to chestnut hair, with golden or copper highlights. They have a rather fair skin, which can tan slightly during the summer. If you find yourself in this description, the colors that suit you are in warm shades:coral, salmon, anise green, gold, curry, brown.

Do you have platinum blond to brown hair, with cold or ash reflections? A very fair skin that does not tan or very little? Then you are a summer woman ! The colors that go with your complexion are colder:shades of blue, purple, pastel colors, burgundy, gray.

Colorimetry for redheads

The particularity of redheads? A pale complexion, freckles and flamboyant hair! If these characteristics make all your charm, it sometimes happens that they ask you about the colors that highlight you. In colorimetry, you are an autumn woman . Unsurprisingly, intense redheads and copper will see their complexion sublimated by autumn colors:caramel, ocher, burgundy, khaki, mustard yellow.

If you are more Venetian blonde even light red, it is the light and luminous colors, all in freshness, which give you a pretty complexion! Choose cooler colors:water mint green, sky blue, lemon yellow.

Finally, the colorimetry for darker redheads , whose hair tends towards brown:fall for deeper shades, such as navy blue, purple, pine green.

What color clothes for brunettes?

Are you brunette and having trouble identifying YOUR colors? Brunette women, like blondes, fall into two categories:autumn brunettes and winter brunettes.

You are an autumn woman , just like redheads, if you have dark hair with golden or copper highlights. Your skin tans easily, is either golden, olive, or matte. In this case, opt for warm colors such as red, orange, mustard yellow, brick and bronze tones.

Finally, the winter women are those with dark hair:brown, icy brown, intense black. On the skin side, we find black skin, gray beige, very slightly matte skin. The colors that give you a healthy glow are more wintery, colder, darker:dare intense blue, deep green, assertive fuchsia pink, or petrol blue for a more sober look!

Women's colorimetry:what color for your make-up?

A naturally luminous complexion!

Before talking about colorimetry, a little point beauty of the complexion :know that it is useless to invest in make-up and clothes of your colorimetry, if ultimately, your skin is not well maintained on a daily basis. Because yes, healthy skin is skin with a luminous complexion! So for a healthy glow every time, some advice from your Veld's experts:

  • Cleanse your skin morning and evening to rid it of impurities
  • Exfoliate once a week to awaken its radiance
  • Moisturize morning and night with our Pure Pulp Neo Beauty Restoring Gel

By following this little beauty routine, we promise, you can say goodbye to a dull complexion. And once you have the right colors for the colorimetry of your skin, you will be radiant !

Skin colorimetry:when colors enhance your complexion

For spring women , a very light smoky in coppery brown tones, a touch of black mascara, then a pretty apricot blush and a coral lipstick will do wonders! A look that reveals the pretty golden and rosy reflections of your skin, for a solar presence.

If you are a summer woman , opt for a pretty pastel pink eyeshadow, matched with a lipstick and a rosewood blush. These variations of cold pink will sublimate your porcelain skin and will bring out your beautiful clear eyes.

Let's move on to autumn women :opt for a bronze eyeshadow or eyeliner, and a deep burgundy lipstick. A simple makeup to sublimate your eyes, and create contrast with your hair thanks to these dark lips that catch the eye!

Finally, for winter women , we dare the eyeliner colored with a beautiful petrol blue, or a fir green. On the lip side, a pretty fuchsia pink works wonders during the summer season, when a purple hue gives a femme fatale touch during the cold season.