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10 tips to avoid the appearance of pimples in the spring

Unsightly, unpleasant, annoying, buttons are real beasts for all skin types . With an oily, sensitive or atopic tendency, no one is completely spared from these dermal scourges . Whether it is subcutaneous pimples or bump pimples, they are very disturbing and can become painful. There are many factors that stimulate their appearance:hormones, stress, diet, etc. The weather influences their occurrence, especially certain seasons such as spring . Unlike autumn, which is favorable to beautiful skin and a radiant complexion, the spring season is particularly prone to rashes such as buttons. And this, due to the fact that the skin still has to adapt to seasonal changes but especially temperature. Accustomed for some time to the winter cold, the bright spring sun surprises our skin more than it seems. However, we can remedy this or at least act to soothe our skin.

Take care of your lifestyle

Cosmetic and care products of all kinds are undeniable allies for beautifying the skin. However act from within remains the best solution to solve the problem of rashes . Adopt a healthy lifestyle is the remedy to prioritize for a long-term result . Nutrition, hydration and optimal rest are the basis for a healthy lifestyle and clear skin.

1/ Limit foods that are too fatty, rich or spicy

They greatly influence rashes. Therefore, it is better to opt for healthy foods, rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, antioxidant… foods that are beneficial for the health of our skin.

2/ Drink enough

Lack of water is a factor that also affects the appearance of pimples. Drinking a sufficient amount of water, depending on our needs and not our desires, is essential both for the skin and for health in general.

3/ Rest

One last point to take into account for a healthy lifestyle would be rest. Rest in all its forms, physical, mental or otherwise. Our best advice for optimal rest can be found in our article:Beauty cocooning ritual:a gift to yourself.

A healthy and adapted beauty routine

With a healthy lifestyle in place, health-related rashes should be lessened. From there, all that remains is to perfect the skin with treatments and products designed for this purpose.

Natural Solutions like grandmother's remedies can be good alternatives to prevent and/or get rid of pimples. These little tricks inherited from word of mouth can be lifesaving. There are plenty of them on the web:homemade masks with fruits and vegetables, cotton soaked in white vinegar to treat emerging pimples. The mixture of egg and flour with a little milk or even lemon juice and honey are also effective remedies.

Establish a healthy and adapted beauty routine in season can also contribute to having a more beautiful skin. Especially when it is established with natural and organic products and treatments.

4/ Hydration

Professionals in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics but also experts such as general practitioners and dermatologists never repeat it enough:good hydration is essential for beautiful skin. This avoids and reduces the appearance of pimples especially acne. This hydration concerns both a sufficient supply of water for the body and the preservation of the hydrolipidic film cutaneous .

Natural products such as essential oils, vegetables such as cucumber, carrot or aloe vera can keep the skin hydrated . But organic moisturizing care like the rebalancing day cream from the Folies Royales brand are all the more effective. Treasures from the hive, jojoba oil and aloe vera are combined in this wonderful treatment to hydrate and nourish the skin. Moreover, the active ingredients of this product rebalance the skin, a great asset for the treatment of combination skin.

5/ Make-up removal, detoxification and exfoliation

Another factor that promotes the appearance of pimples on the skin would be the toxins . Specifically, the accumulation of these impurities on the skin clog pores . This obstruction causes the appearance of small inflammations such as acne . It is therefore necessary to cleanse our skin well and purify the pores of all these discomforts .

The ritual of make-up removal morning and evening is therefore to be preferred. Make-up or not, excess sebum or skin prone to dryness, it is essential to clean your skin properly . To do this, we recommend the invigorating micellar water from Bio by Oxalia. Composed of aloe vera, organic lemon water and organic peppermint hydrosol, this treatment refreshes and deeply cleanses the skin.

Another way to properly cleanse and detoxify your skin would be to make a scrub . This ritual is most purifying and refreshing for the skin. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to abuse it. On average, 1 to 2 exfoliation per week is more than enough. The hemp and gingerbread facial exfoliant by Mélusine gently eliminates all impurities on the surface of the epidermis. This gourmet treatment leaves behind soft, hydrated and perfectly cleansed skin.

Kimber cosmetics purifying tea tree mask is also recommended to detoxify the skin. Enriched with tea tree extract, this peel-off mask purifies the skin and frees pores.

6/ Tone the skin

The toning of the skin is to firm it or even boost its elasticity. Characteristic that it most often loses over time, from the glycation of skin cells or the rigidity of collagen. These facts contribute considerably to skin aging , then wrinkles and fine lines are formed. However, this lack of skin tone is all a factor favoring the appearance of pimples.

There are many tricks on the web to tone your skin. Prefer rather cold water to wash your face, perform small massages such as with the jade roller by Maison Flora... Refreshing treatments such as organic verbena floral water from the Haut Ségala laboratory can also be used as a tonic for the skin. This hydrolat with a delicate scent tones and firms the skin tissues.

7/ Sun protection

When spring arrives , the first exposure to the sun can be harmful to the skin. Indeed, this transition may seem sudden to skin still accustomed to winter conditions . This can damage the epidermis and cause the appearance of unwanted pimples. To protect ourselves from these UV rays that are a little too harmful, we can take shelter or wear accessories such as a hat or a sun visor. For lovers of terraces or those who want to take advantage of these spring suns, sunscreens and other protective treatments are wonderful alternatives.

What if buttons appear?

Despite all these precautions, if a few pimples manage to show up, we can still treat them.

8/ Do not touch the button

Whether they are classic pimples that appear as a small bump or subcutaneous pimples, they should not be triturated . Contrary to popular belief, pressing the buttons does not necessarily release all the contents of the button. It can also cause them to go deeper into the skin. Thus, they will trigger more serious inflammation . This will make the pimple more visible and painful and will cause more scarring on the skin. To be avoided therefore:bursting or attacking the pimple. However, we can treat them and reduce the risk of them developing.

9/ Conceal them

A good alternative to hiding them in an emergency is make-up, a few strokes of foundation and brushes to hide that little extra dot. The organic complexion enhancer trio by the color caramel brand could well save the day while beautifying the complexion and the look.

10/ Appropriate care against pimples

In order to shorten the duration of existence of these little unwanted ones on the face, some natural remedies are close at hand. The green clay mask , sometoothpaste to target the pimple or even garlic… There are many little tricks to get rid of it as quickly as possible and regain smooth and immaculate skin.

Concerning the care and products to use, it is essential to determine which ones are suitable or not for our skin type. Indeed, using products that are not suitable for our dermal needs can also cause the appearance of pimples. Needs that change over time and seasons. It is also necessary to accept that the needs of our skin are constantly changing.