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December:Pampering and Preparing for the New Year

December is here, the cold is gaining, the snow has whitened the mountains, garlands and lanterns decorate the fir trees and light up the streets. The party and the magic are slowly settling in our hearts.

Soon, we will say goodbye to 2021 . A tormented year where beautiful discoveries and adaptation filled our daily lives. Despite everything, the desire to please, to have fun, to share this end of the year with loved ones is necessary and even essential.

So to welcome 2022 as it should be, we present to you our few tips for getting off to a good start in style .

Welcoming the coming year with a smile

The past year has confronted us with unprecedented, destabilizing and frustrating situations.

The inconveniences related to confinement, changes in working conditions or remuneration have damaged our morale. Let's not let these bad memories spoil our plans for meetings and celebrations for the end of the year celebrations.

And since the morning determines the rest of the day, the first days of the year influence the entire year.

So if you want 2022 to be your year, smile and enjoy this fresh start!

Time to make the right resolutions

It's well known:new year rhymes with good changes . This conversion of the calendar encourages resolutions and renewal. This period encourages taking good initiatives such as adopting a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself or being productive.

For several weeks, a great determination sets in and pushes us to surpass ourselves. But after a certain period, the will fades as well as the good habits.

We don't know this schema too well, however, we must persevere. Even if these resolutions are only partially adopted, it will boost morale and self-esteem.

Taking care of yourself

A good resolution that we advise you to adopt for the whole year would be to take good care of yourself.

With obligations and responsibilities, everyday life is not always restful. For lack of time and energy, resting becomes mission impossible.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you allow yourself some time and rest. Even if only for an hour a day or a weekend, take this time to relax and recharge your batteries. You will find our best relaxation tips in the article:Cocooning beauty ritual:a gift to yourself.

This done, you will have full energy to tackle a new week .

Adapted beauty routine

Nothing beats a beauty routine adapted to your good resolutions for this New Year's Eve. A selection of treatments and rituals to suit your needs for this season . Since this has a strong influence on your skin, we strongly advise you to adapt your beauty routine to winter. The cold being omnipresent, the key word remains hydration.

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Indispensable in your evening beauty routine, pure nature Esthetica Organic Soothing Night Cream will repair the skin of your face overnight so that it regains comfort and vitality.

To finish:Take care of your hands with the Folies Royales Organic Beeswax Hand Cream. It repairs and nourishes hands damaged by the cold.

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