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Let's stay tanned thanks to the Carrot

Carrots are already perfectly integrated into our diet. Cooked, raw, it brightens up dishes with its color and slight sweet taste! Eating carrots is good for your health, for your skin, but have you thought about putting the carrot on your skin face? Follow the leader !

The carrot, a unique root

I'm not telling you anything by telling you that the carrot is a root! But did you know that it contains vitamins B, C and E, potassium, calcium and magnesium? Moreover, it is perhaps the only root to provide beta-carotene, and that is why we love it. The more colorful the carrot, the more beta-carotene it contains.

The virtues of carrots

Let's crunch this carrot vitamin by vitamin to see what this beautiful orange leaves on our skin:

• vitamin C is our body's main antioxidant. In other words, it helps to fight against the effects of aging.

• provitamin A (another name for beta-carotene) provides a healthy glow effect by stimulating the production of melanin. It can therefore be used for self-tanning. Like vitamin C, it protects against the effects of aging.

• B vitamins:Carrots provide all the B vitamins except B12. These vitamins have soothing properties for the skin but also protect.

So let's remember the properties of the carrot:anti-aging, healthy glow, soothing, protective... and many more! The oily macerate of Organic Carrot is therefore ideal at the end of summer to prolong your tan.

How to use carrot on the skin?

The simplest is in my opinion to use it in the form of oil. So you will also benefit from the protection of a fatty substance.

Apply morning and evening on your clean skin, one drop is enough! The oily feel doesn't last and your complexion will be illuminated from the first use! Remember to also put some on the neck to avoid the mask effect!

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Take care of yourself !

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