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Organic food supplements to prepare your skin for the sun

The good weather has arrived with its barbecues, picnics, drinks on the terrace or ice cream in the garden. To enjoy all your activities serenely this summer, it is essential to protect your skin from the sun! An effective solution? In addition to our ally sunscreen, bet on organic food supplements!

Organic food supplements:why take them?

It is not always easy to combine active life and health! Food supplements are there to help you, by providing you with the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of your body. With them, you fill in any deficiencies in vitamins, omega, probiotics, minerals or other substances. They help you more particularly during "special" periods of your life such as pregnancy, menopause, physical activities or the arrival of the sun, which require specific contributions. In short, add food supplements to a balanced diet, and you will get the winning combo!

Organic food supplements:which ingredients?

Dunaliella salina

Under this somewhat barbaric name hides quite simply a marine micro-algae from the warm seas. This seaweed synthesizes antioxidants to protect itself from intense solar radiation in the marine environment and therefore helps to accelerate the tanning of the skin.

Carrot powder

Unsurprisingly, it provides beta-carotene and a precursor of vitamin A, which helps maintain skin radiance. Carotenoids will give you the coveted “healthy glow effect” touch.

Tomato extract

Composed of pigments such as lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, and also contains carotenes, providing the same precursor benefits of vitamin A as carrot powder:they will be transformed into vitamin A in the body and therefore actively participate in the mechanisms tanning. Tomato extract also has a protective action against pollution and ultraviolet rays.

Grape extract

The final touch with grape marc, composed of flavones, anthocyanins and tannins, natural antioxidants, making this recipe a success. It helps prevent cell aging.

Marion &Lucie from Organic Cosmetics