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All the virtues of organic Ylang Ylang essential oil

Coming from Madagascar or Reunion Island, organic Ylang Ylang essential oil has a thousand and one virtues for our body that we must know!

The smell of ylang-ylang is often compared to a powerful sensual, floral and bewitching perfume. When we talk about essential oil of ylang ylang we have the image of a sexual booster, but not only. Let's take a closer look. It is not to be used on children and pregnant women.

The benefits of essential oil

Organic Ylang Ylang

It is mainly used in massage, by inspirations or by diffusion and has many uses.

An oil that naturally treats cases of frigidity in women and for men impotence . Simply massage your partner with 2 drops of organic ylang ylang EO combined with 10 drops of organic Argan vegetable oil on the lower spine to relax him. This every day for 10 days.

An anti-stress oil: massaging with this oil rebalances the nervous system. You can also place a drop inside your wrists and breathe in that part when you feel stressed.

A treatment that makes hair shine , slows their loss and stimulates growth:put a drop of HE in your usual dose of shampoo. Then take a week break after 3 weeks.

- Just like for stress, EO helps calm anxieties and depression.

- It helps regulate the heart rate in olfaction throughout the day on your wrists. Or you can also massage the plexus (it's a very nervous area), the spine and the upper back.

- It also helps wake up tired skin :to be diluted in your day cream for example.

- In case of painful periods (or menopause), you can dilute one or two drops in a cream or vegetable oil and massage on your lower abdomen.

- As with menstruation, when you have cramps or spasms you can massage the affected area.

- EO is very useful for fighting broken and fragile nails. To do this, massage your fingers for a few minutes with the oil several times a week.

In short, this essential oil has many properties, especially on stress, anxieties but also everyday pain.

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