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Creative recipes with ORGANIC Lemon Honey

My dear Natural Beauties, you were able to discover in your January box an absolutely fabulous product (among many others), the lemon tree honey from the Mary Family.

You're probably wondering what it goes best with, and we've thought about the question... In fact, it's a must-have in the kitchen because of its incredible flavor and its slight tangy taste. We therefore offer you two simple and quick recipes, enough to impress your guests without spending long hours in the kitchen.

Goat cheese toast, figs, pistachios and ORGANIC lemon tree honey

Ingredients:for 4 slices

- 1 baguette of wholemeal or semi-wholemeal bread

- a few leaves of lamb’s lettuce

- 200g fresh goat cheese

- 100g dried figs

- 1 handful of unsalted shelled pistachios

- 2 teaspoons of Mary Family lemon tree honey

- olive oil

Cut 4 long slices of bread from the baguette and brush them with olive oil.

Place under the broiler for 3 minutes.

Distribute the lamb's lettuce, then the goat's cheese, the figs cut into small pieces and the chopped pistachios.

Add a drizzle of lemon tree honey on each slice of bread and you're done.

Orange salad with saffron and ORGANIC lemon tree honey

Ingredients:Serves 6

- 8 oranges

- the juice of 2 oranges

- 40g brown sugar

- 3 tablespoons lemon tree honey

- 30 saffron threads

Infuse the saffron in the orange juice.

Peel the raw oranges and cut them into 5mm thick slices, remember to remove the white parts and the pips.

Arrange the slices in a large dish, overlapping them, so as to cover the entire dish.

Mix the honey with the orange juice infused with saffron, sprinkle the oranges with sugar, sprinkle them with the juice, cover with cling film and place in the fridge for 2 hours.

Here are two delicious recipes that will do their bit!

Aurélie from BIO Family