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The essential hand cream with organic beeswax

The days are getting cooler and the cold is not good for our skin. It alters the microcirculation of the skin, the wind attacks the skin by damaging the skin barrier.

As a result, our skin tends to pull, be more fragile and uncomfortable.

It is therefore important to protect yourself well, to apply rich creams to hydrate the upper layers of the epidermis, and to find a more comfortable skin.

The ideal is to always have 2 essential organic products with you:a hand cream and a moisturizing lip balm.

The goal of BelleauNaturel this month is to help you prepare for the arrival of winter with complete peace of mind! Thanks in particular to the hand cream from FOLIES ROYALES with ORGANIC beeswax.

ROYAL MADNESS is a French brand of organic cosmetics, strong and committed, which has managed to reconcile beauty, solidarity and environmental commitment, by creating cosmetics based on bee products.

Organic Beeswax Hand Cream

For those who are not yet convinced of the benefits of organic, here is a list that will surely make you change your mind:

  • Composed of at least 90% natural products:without chemicals known to be harmful to health:paraben, glycol, phthalate, dye, silicone, phenoxyethanol, PEG ... or any other ingredients derived from petrochemicals.
  • The percentage of active products in organic skincare products is higher
  • The products are less aggressive, therefore better assimilated by the body
  • You make a gesture for the environment, because the products preserve our environment and its biodiversity while offering recyclable packaging.

Soft and hydrated hands:

Are your hands dry or weak? Do not hesitate to use and abuse this organic beeswax treatment. Dry or weakened hands will be soothed and protected from external aggressions and the effects of time.

  • This treatment is rich in Honey from Provence and organic beeswax
  • Vegetable oil of olive and sunflower seeds, shea butter, effectively hydrate the upper layers of the epidermis
  • Acerola has anti-aging properties
  • Damask rose floral waters and citrus essential oils will bring suppleness to your skin and deeply nourish it

This cream is to be applied as often as necessary, throughout the day. Your hands will be protected from external aggressions and they will regain softness and comfort over time. Remember to moisturize your nails too.

See you soon

Take care of yourself.