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3 Recipes with Pink Clay for a beautiful return from vacation

After returning from vacation, the wind, sun and salt often got the better of our skin and hair. They become dull and damaged. It is therefore time to take matters into your own hands with three easy-to-make recipes because you will only need the ingredients contained in the organic beauty box for the month of September.

Face repair mask

In a small container, pour the equivalent of 3 large tablespoons of pink clay powder. Add half a teaspoon of organic avocado oil. Then add water until you get the consistency of a paste. Apply to face for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

The benefits of this face mask are multiple. Pink clay is very gentle so ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. And as long as we do, we want to extend our healthy holiday glow beyond the start of the school year. Organic avocado oil will have a good nourishing power for the skin, which will allow it to retain its hydration.

Multi-masking for hair

You already knew the face version consisting of applying the most suitable treatment to each area of ​​the face to kill two birds with one stone. Why not do the same with our hair and give it what it needs?

For example, on dry hair, apply your pink clay mixed with water on the roots to gently cleanse and rid the scalp of excess sebum and impurities. It is also a good detoxifier against the chemicals present in shampoos, conditioners and conventional colorings because it partially absorbs them. Then, smooth the hair several times in a row from the lengths to the ends with ORGANIC avocado vegetable oil. This will strengthen them, make them more supple and soft.

Keep the two ingredients until the pink clay paste has completely dried before rinsing. I advise you to do it rather in the evening (if you wash your hair in the morning) so as not to have to shampoo right away. For those with oily hair, you can apply the pink clay to the lengths and only put the avocado oil on the tips.

Natural antiperspirant

Like silk powder, baking soda or talc, you can use pink clay as an antiperspirant underarms and feet. The advantage is that it will be gentle on the skin thanks to its soothing power, especially if you have just shaved. We all know how badly alcohol-based deodorants sting. It is odorless, so to add a scent note, a drop of ORGANIC rosewood essential oil will suffice. If you put more, it could be annoying.

Miss Ambrose